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Double Eagle global recruitment

providing loans, financing, stable currency, liquidity mining and other services through blockchain, cryptocurrency and smart contract.

Double Eagle will become the engine of DeFi

Double Eagle will become the engine of DeFi, providing loans, financing, stable currency through blockchain, cryptocurrency and smart contract.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 7, 2021 / -- Dear DeFi project enthusiasts: The pace of development of the times will never stop. Blockchain technology has become the new development direction of human beings. DeFi, as the most suitable and most valuable application in the encryption field and blockchain, is evolving rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Thank you very much for your continued attention and support to the DeFi project. We cherish these friends who are concerned about the development of DeFi and share common values, working side by side and committed to the development of the blockchain industry! The global recruitment plan for DOUBLE EAGLE loan agreement partners was launched. We sincerely invite KOLs, community owners, and content creators who believe in the blockchain, believe in the power of the community, and love DeFi to join us to expand the DOUBLE EAGLE platform, improve the overall quality of the industry, and share the industry development dividend!

1. Double Eagle Rights
(1) Establish a promotion community, the official pledged 1000DOE for you to participate in mining, limited to 300;
(2) Event support, sponsoring 500 to 5000 USDT per month for promotion activities;

2. Recruitment Requirements
(1) Excellent community owner: An active currency community with a community size of more than 300 people, and the number of monthly speakers in the community is not less than 20%;
(2) Industry KOL: real fans on social media platforms such as Weibo/Twitter/FACEBOOK reach 10000+;
(3) Have sufficient free time, be able to be active in the community for a long time, be active and enthusiastic;
(4) High sense of responsibility, agree with DOUBLE EAGLE culture and values, and don’t do evil;

3.Duties Of Double Eagle
(1) Daily publicize and distribute DOUBLE EAGLE materials through its own and surrounding channels, and participate in and maintain DOUBLE EAGLE online and offline activities;
(2) Holding promotion activities not less than 2 times a month (community leaders spontaneous activities);
(3) Proactively promote the DOUBLE EAGLE brand, spread the positive energy of DOUBLE EAGLE, report negative news about DOUBLE EAGLE in time and assist the official to clarify, and individuals must not make words or deeds that damage the DOUBLE EAGLE brand;
(4) Actively guide users to register, be familiar with and use the functions of DOUBLE EAGLE;
(5) Actively participate in various online and offline activities, provide soft text or tutorial output, and those who output in-depth articles or beautiful videos will receive additional rewards;
(6) Allow DOUBLE EAGLE personnel to enter the community to assist community management and material distribution;

4.Special Instructions
All the above rules may be adjusted in real time according to market conditions. Double Eagle reserves the right of final interpretation of this recruitment.

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