New PÜRFORM Sanitizing Pouch Works as a Personal Cleaning Station

Hospitality workers no longer have to rely on dirty aprons to keep hands clean

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, June 3, 2021 / -- PÜRFORM is now offering personal cleaning stations – an antimicrobial sanitizing pouch with an innovative waist belt that provides workers with clean hands, as well as an antimicrobial pocket to store personal and work belongings.

The PÜRFORM Sanitizing Pouch is a portable, trendy way for hospitality workers to keep their facilities and hands clean, rather than wiping their hands on a dirty towel or apron.

For workers and individuals wanting protection while on-the-go, the PÜRFORM Sanitizing Pouch has a convenient sanitizing solution that's better for hands than traditional sanitizers and includes aloe vera and vitamin E. The pouch also has a dry antimicrobial pocket to carry belongings and items for work like pens, ordering pads and cell phones.

The PÜRFORM Sanitizing Pouch was created in the heat of the pandemic for the hospitality industry and for those wanting extra protection for their belongings and hands while they travel throughout their day. The idea has a great deal of appeal. In fact, a recent study conducted by one Charlotte’s top food bloggers revealed that 44% of those surveyed felt that the product was "offering value to their experience" or "saw value in this product being used in hospitality facilities, like bars and restaurants".

Founder Joel Puthoff said the inspiration for the pouch came to him after being in a restaurant and seeing the lack of attention to clean hands. Servers touched their phones and then grabbed a glass to offer a refill. Bartenders used dirty towels to wipe their hands, then looked at their phones, grabbed a credit card and made a drink with those same hands. Puthoff said to himself, “There's got to be a solution to this madness. Why don't they have some mechanism for cleaning their hands while they work? I'd like the same comfort, ideally, as when I walk into a doctor’s office and see them cleaning their hands in front of me.”

Thus, was borne the PÜRFORM Sanitizing Pouch, which is easy to wash or replace and to refuel with sanitizer, an important tool in the fight against germs.

The PÜRFORM Sanitizing Pouch pulls together the most effective antimicrobial and silver-ion fabrics into one device, as well as a sanitizer approved through the Food and Drug Administration that doesn't dry out hands like traditional sanitizers. The antimicrobial treatment supplied to the pouch controls and eliminates growth of bacteria and fungi.

The pad and drying cloth are created from the highest quality-assured organic, silver-ion fabric on the market. The antimicrobial effects have been tested to last through 50 washes.

The PÜRFORM Sanitizing Pouch is perfect for indoor locations and places where large groups gather, such as amusement parks, grocery stores, casinos and gyms. It can also help keep healthy ticket-takers, waiters, bartenders, bouncers, cruise ship workers, flight attendants and other workers who exchange money and other items.

Puthoff said the PÜRFORM Sanitizing Pouch delivers comfort and confidence to both employees and customers and called it “service in its purest form.”

The PÜRFORM Sanitizing Pouch comes with the pouch, sanitizing pad, drying cloth and FDA-approved sanitizer.

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