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Action Yard & Tree Services Announce Help for Allergy Sufferers

lawn care and weed control in Tucson

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TUCSON, AZ, US, June 3, 2021 / -- [Tucson, Arizona, June 3, 2021--] People with seasonal allergies dread the arrival of pollen season, with good reason. No one likes to sniffle and sneeze their way through spring. In the Southwestern states such as Arizona, allergy sufferers tend to dread pollen from juniper and olive trees the most. Ragweed is also a common allergen.

Although pollen can potentially travel for hundreds of miles, people are most likely to be affected by pollen from plants right in their own yards and nearby neighborhood. And while it’s not possible to completely eliminate pollen from the air around your home, it’s definitely possible to reduce it and limit your exposure to it.

“During this time of year, we get a lot of calls from people asking for us to take over their yard work so they don’t have to sniffle their way through it,” said Joe Mills, owner of Action Yard & Tree Services. “If you have seasonal allergies, it’s best to stay indoors in the air conditioning and let our expert landscapers take care of your yard work for you,” he added.

Joe Mills’ landscaping company offers services ranging from routine lawn-mowing and weed control to custom landscaping design work. Many Tucsonans prefer to let Action Yard & Tree Services handle their weed control and similar work so they can limit their outdoor exposure, particularly during days with high pollen counts. A landscaping company can even help you tailor your landscape design to accommodate your allergies.

“We pride ourselves on the deep level of customization we offer,” said Joe Mills. In other words, a customer can tell the landscapers which plants they are allergic to, and the team will remove those plants from the landscape. Mills’ team can also design a custom landscape and recommend plants that aren’t likely to trigger seasonal allergies.

Fortunately for Arizonans, there are many native plants that can adorn one’s landscape without inducing allergy symptoms. One of the most common is succulents of all types. Small to mid-size cacti are a great choice for homeowners with seasonal allergies.

Another issue to keep in mind is the type of grass you have. Unless you have synthetic turf, your lawn might be triggering your allergies. Bermuda grass is a major pollen offender, but St. Augustine is perfect for allergy sufferers in the Southwest. Buffalograss (UC Verde or 609 cultivars) is another good choice, as it is kind to allergy sufferers while also having the hardiness necessary to withstand drought conditions.

Action Yard & Tree Services is a landscaping company based in Tucson, Arizona that provides a full range of lawn care and other landscaping services, including expert weed control services.


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