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A Dry Spring Means Proper Irrigation Is More Important than Ever, Says Action Yard & Tree Services

irrigation installation in Tucson

Irrigation System

TUCSON, AZ, US, June 3, 2021 / -- [Tucson, Arizona, June 3, 2021--] Arizona and other Western states are in the midst of a historic drought. April 2020 to March 2021 was the driest Arizona has ever been in the past 126 years. In fact, more than half of the state is classified as experiencing “exceptional” drought conditions—the most severe rating. During the entire month of April this year, the majority of the state received less than 25% of its usual precipitation.

What does this mean for homeowners and commercial property owners? Not only do Arizonans need to worry about the risk of wildfires, but they must also take careful precautions to conserve water as much as possible. One way to accomplish this is with a high-tech irrigation system.

“We’ve been getting a lot of calls lately from people interested in installing a new irrigation system for their lawns, gardens, and flower beds. I think the importance of conserving water is pretty well known around here, and people want to do their part to protect the environment,” said Joe Mills, owner of Action Yard & Tree Services. “In addition, an irrigation system can reduce your water bills, which is always a plus,” he added.

There are different types of irrigation systems. An expert landscaper can help you determine which type would best suit your needs. An above-ground sprinkler system is the most affordable, but least effective in terms of conserving water. This is because it distributes water above the level of the plants, which allows water to more readily burn off in the heat of the sun. It also doesn’t precisely target the water distribution.

“We typically recommend underground sprinkler systems and drip irrigation systems, which are far more effective at minimizing water use while still keeping the plants healthy,” said Joe Mills. Drip irrigation in particular is beneficial because it offers the greatest precision in terms of delivering water to the exact location where it’s needed. And because drip irrigation systems don’t dampen the leaves of the plant, they can help reduce plant diseases such as fungal infections.

Joe Mills noted that his customers often like to include special features in their irrigation systems, such as automated timers and rain sensors. The former adds greater convenience to the system, while the latter turns off the system when it senses rainfall—an excellent feature for homeowners interested in doing their part during the drought (and reducing their water bills).

Action Yard & Tree Services is a landscaping company based in Tucson, Arizona that provides a full range of lawn care and other landscaping services, including irrigation installation and repair.


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