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Here’s What to Do About Those Dangerous Cacti According to Action Yard & Tree Services

cactus removal in Tucson

Cactus in Desert

TUCSON, AZ, US, June 3, 2021 / -- [Tucson, Arizona, June 3, 2021--] The saguaro cactus is the iconic plant of the Southwest, and it’s particularly beloved by Tucsonans who enjoy viewing it in their landscapes. However, locals may have noticed that saguaro cacti are falling over in greater numbers than ever before. Last summer in particular, locals counted many saguaro cacti falling over. This is troubling not only from an ecological standpoint, but also for public safety.

A saguaro cactus can cause severe injuries and even death to anyone unlucky enough to be in its path when it takes a plunge. Not only are its prickly spines dangerous, but these large cacti are quite heavy, putting people and pets at risk. In addition, a falling cactus can damage homes, garden sheds, cars, and similar types of property.

What’s behind this alarming trend? Joe Mills, owner of Action Yard & Tree Services explains: “Although cacti are quite hardy and drought resistant, the Southwest has been experiencing drier and hotter conditions than usual.” In fact, Arizona recorded its driest weather in the past 126 years during the period from April 2020 to March 2021. Over half of the state is currently in the most severe drought rating. And during this past April, Arizona received less than 25% of its usual amount of rainfall.

“These exceptionally hot, dry conditions are sickening and weakening the saguaro cacti here in the Tucson area,” said Joe Mills. “The saguaro cactus can grow quite large, so you might think that it has an extensive root system. But actually, these cacti have rather insubstantial, shallow root systems that don’t offer much support.” This means that dehydration, high temperatures, and excessive sun exposure can weaken a cactus enough to make it topple over.

Mills recommends that property owners throughout the state keep a close eye on any tall cacti near their homes or businesses. If a cactus looks as though it is getting discolored, or if it starts losing arms or swaying in the wind, it’s a good idea to get it removed. Action Yard & Tree Services offers professional cactus removal throughout the Tucson area.

“It’s never a good idea for homeowners to remove a cactus themselves,” said Mills. “You can get all kinds of injuries from using improper techniques and inadequate equipment. Plus, the saguaro is a protected plant under Arizona law. You can get in legal trouble unless you obtain the proper permit.” Mills’ company handles all permitting requirements for their customers.

Action Yard & Tree Services is a landscaping company based in Tucson, Arizona that provides a full range of lawn care services, including professional cactus removal.


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