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NaftyArt Announces New Token Generation Event (TGE) for NFTY, Welcomes New Investors Worldwide

UNITED STATES, June 7, 2021 / -- NaftyArt, a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace for artwork, has announced a new token generation event (TGE) for investors worldwide to support the marketplace upon launch this month. Allowing creators to tokenize their unique works and visual expressions, NaftyArt will use the new NFTY token to empower creators to market and sell their adult art for-profit and generate royalties from future sales as part of a powerful centralized marketplace, which will be backed by cryptocurrency technology and based on the United States dollar.

NaftyArt’s marketplace will be hosted on Ethereum’s blockchain network, utilizing a technology that has proven to have powerful potential to empower creators and consumers of digital arts. Consumers will be able to buy special images and videos from their favorite creators and secure a lifetime license using NFTY, while creators will be able to create, market, and sell the image or video content that is unique and branded as their own with unprecedented ease and simplicity. Together, the marketplace is benefited by art that is certified to prevent forgery and provide historical provenance, as well as a buying process anchored to a creator’s asking price or bidding process.

The announcement of NFTY represents the future of digital marketplaces for transactions of art and other content, allowing creators and collectors to transact in powerful new ways. NFTY will be critical for promoting the new cutting-edge NaftyArt ecosystem.

NFTY will be crucial for supporting the NaftyArt marketplace as it launches at an exciting time for the cryptocurrency industry, as tens of millions of people enter the market as investors. NaftyArt has secured early interest from around the world and maintains resources for consumers interested in participating in the upcoming new token generation event and bringing this marketplace for adult digital works to life.

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