Serial Entrepreneur Barry Barbee Paves the Path for Impact and Innovation with New Venture Blue Water Group

UNITED STATES , June 2, 2021 / -- Barry Barbee, a serial entrepreneur who has successfully led multiple businesses, including national brand AutoWranglers, has established Blue Water Group, Ltd, which is likely to be his most lucrative business venture yet.

Blue Water Group’s mission is to empower emerging entrepreneurs to reach success through innovative technology and a passion for the gift of transportation.

At its core, Blue Water is a holding company of brands rooted in impact and technology. AutoWranglers specializes in buying unwanted vehicles via a fast and simple algorithm-based process to provide top-dollar payout. AutoWranglers Coaching Academy teaches people from all socioeconomic backgrounds how they can pursue passive income, or even a 6 figure business, through following the proprietary process built out by Barbee and his team. The third company, Simple Salvage, operates within the automotive industry and heavy equipment salvage space and aims to reduce cycle time and increase salvage return via binding offers.

AutoWranglers and Simple Salvage have already enjoyed massive success, and AutoWranglers Coaching Academy has received praise from coaching leaders Russell Brunson and Bryan Dulaney.

Later, Blue Water will also house a SaaS platform, which is presently in the research and development phase.

“At the heart of Blue Water Groups solution is a comprehensive algorithm that when combined with AI and millions of data points these vehicles are matched with the best possible buyer removing fragmentation, saving time and lowering the acquisition costs across all parties,” commented Barbee.

Barbee’s passion for giving back is what galvanizes him to show up everyday with an unshakeable passion and continue building upon past successes.

“Our mission is to change the way cars are donated across the world and within Blue Water Group’s SaaS solution we are able to take the average donation time from three months down to a matter of days. The Gift of Transportation is tremendously important to our company and this solution will get vehicles to those in need of a hand up.”

Barbee also sits on the Board of Directors of the National Auto Body Council, serving as the organization’s Director at Large. His skills and experience in design as well as his ability to implement technology to the automotive and property insurance industry is remarkable. He brings a unique insight and expertise to salvage operations and does it very well after thirty years.

The Blue Water team also pulls in other industry experts who have worked with Autowranglers.

With Barbee’s and his team’s expertise, there is no doubt that the public will be hearing more from his new company very soon. Where passion and experience meet, great things are bound to happen.

John Hollingsworth, VP of Client Relations, has been on the journey with Barry for a number of years, and is excited about what is on the horizon for Blue Water Group.

“I’m so excited about bringing this opportunity to so many people! The Blue Water Group has origins in entrepreneurship, with the support of an entire auto industry behind it. I cannot wait to see individuals succeed in ways they never thought possible. We support brand promotion, but more than that, we want individuals to succeed. I stand behind what we’re doing, especially with AutoWranglers Coaching Academy, and stand behind my future colleagues who will no doubt, rise up to their full and able potential. Together - we got this,” Hollingsworth commented.

For those interested in learning more about Blue Water and its subsidiary companies, their website can be found here.

About Barry Barbee:

Barry is the founder and CEO of Blue Water Group. After serving in the United States Army during Operation Desert Storm, he started his career bringing windows-based estimating to the forefront at Mitchell and has held positions over the last 35 years in the technology industry that focuses on the automotive repair process, salvage operations and managed insurance claims. He has managed client relations, teams of 1000 plus independent adjusters and held leadership positions during every major hurricane event since Hurricane Katrina. Barry currently sits on the Board of Directors of the National Auto Body Council and serves as the organization’s Director at Large. Barry enjoys golf, deep-sea fishing and giving back to communities as much as possible. Barry has 3 children Andrea, Sam and Andrew. Barry’s favorite quote is from Dr Wayne Dyer “Don’t die with your music still in you” and intends to revolutionize the way The Gift of Transportation is facilitated anywhere in the world.

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