Turbo VPN expands Bandwidth and handles a Remote Workload for Schools and universities

NICOSIA, CYPRUS, May 25, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Airsharp LTD we have developed a new VPN for Enterprises solution that provides schools and universities to engage online without putting too much strain on the Internet servers of their local home providers.

Remote education was already gaining popularity before COVID-19 forced the closure of schools and universities. Now it has become the only possible way that many faculty, staff and school and university students can continue teaching, working and learning. Before the worldwide pandemic time, when a relatively small group of users worked from home on a weekend, VPN performance at the school was probably fine. But when the entire faculty, staff, and students of a university are working remotely at the same time, VPNs can struggle to handle the load and can't support the processing and use of the network for so many people at the same time. This leads to significant slowdowns and may even prevent some users from connecting to the VPN.

For any higher education institution-balancing the security of students while ensuring the continuity of their education: are a unique challenge and a complex task.

Many universities are already using online learning platforms such as Udemy, Wizer or Skillshare, as well as video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Skype or Join.me etc. Thus, many have already found a way out of this situation. But never before have schools needed their IT networks to support entire remote student organizations. Attending a remote lecture or online exam requires a constant and stable network. However, the influx of remote users can and will create bottlenecks in a university's network, reducing application performance and ultimately impacting learning and productivity.

Turbo-vpn solution for Enterprises routes traffic through a dedicated device that avoids split tunnelling — dividing a user’s network traffic so the portion relying on the school's resources goes through the user’s VPN connection while the rest of the user’s traffic bypasses the VPN. Split tunnelling was considered too risky because an attacker could abuse it to pass traffic across networks through the less secure device. Most network traffic today, however, is encrypted — and many devices often use two networks at once (Wi-Fi and a cellular network, for example) — so this risk has been re-evaluated. This accelerates both on-premises and SaaS applications by up to 10X and providing consistently fast data, voice and video. No hardware or software is required. The solution does not require any changes to the IT architecture and can be deployed within minutes.

This can significantly improve productivity for users and significantly reduce the amount of network traffic that passes through the VPN. For example, with split tunnelling, users' laptops can download large operating system updates directly from vendors, rather than passing all those updates through the school's VPN infrastructure.

This summer, Airsharp LTD is providing free test access to Turbo VPN for Enterprises for educational institutions. They provide full access, settings, and installation for free for 3 months. During this time, you can fully use the service, check its power, availability and performance. Thus, many schools and universities will be able to prepare for the new academic semester this fall.

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