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The Everest Foundation & Telephone Angels Program Bring Light to Local Communities

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 25, 2021 / -- Everyone needs a friend to check up on them, whether they like to admit it or not. The past year, the pandemic flipped things upside down and completely changed how people socialize. Lockdown has been incredibly hard on a lot of people, leaving some people without a friend to chat with. A simple phone call can make a world of difference to someone who's feeling lonely.

Project Angel Food is a charity that provides food that is medically tailored to people who are living with terminal illnesses. In April 2020, they decided to organize a sister program called Telephone Angels Program. This program reminds people that they do have a friend in their corner, and volunteers help make the lockdown less lonely.

The Telephone Angels have been in operation for over a year and have helped to remove a dark cloud from the community. Volunteers will have a list of people with whom they will check in with once or twice each week for a friendly chit-chat. They aren't working to provide people with medical or mental health advice; they simply provide something everyone needs: friendship.

When Dr. Michael Everest found out about this charity, he took a big interest. After talking to the volunteers, he was amazed by the positive effects the program had on both the client and the volunteer. Many volunteers noticed a significant improvement in their mental health after contributing to the Telephone Angels Program.

Dr. Michael Everest is the founder of The Everest Foundation. They have done a lot of non-profit work for the medical community by providing opportunities for medical education and research. The Everest Foundation is well respected for its work to improve how the medical industry operates.

While the Telephone Angels Program does a lot to help their community, they can't operate for free. Dr. Michael Everest knows how much programs like these need funding to operate. What the Telephone Angels are able to do for their community is too important, so Dr. Micheal Everest and The Everest Foundation decided to help out.

The Everest Foundation made a large contribution to the Telephone Angels, so they will have the resources they need for professional training and to continue operations. Thanks to helping from The Everest Foundation, the Angels have been able to keep people's heads above water with their cheer-up calls.

These cheer-up calls generally last around 10 minutes each, but the kindhearted volunteers don't mind staying on the line longer if it seems like their client needs the extra support. Their goal is to make sure these people know there are people who care. While these volunteers may not be qualified to give advice, they are experts at sharing their friendship.

It's amazing what a short cheer-up call can do to put someone in a better state of mind. That's why The Everest Foundation is proud to contribute to the Telephone Angels Program.

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