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CEO Robert Bartosiewicz is Helping Communities Modernize Their Marketing

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 20, 2021 / -- Building strong, connected communities has always been a foundational aspect of the fabric of America.

Small businesses and communities helping one another – serving one another – are a big part of what makes our nation so special.

At the same time, building these kinds of communities can be a real challenge for small businesses, local trade associations, and organizations looking to attract new members, educate the community, and establish more credibility and influence.

The landscape of marketing and messaging has changed and shifted so much in just the last decade or so. Overwhelmed, overworked, and over-stressed entrepreneurs, small business owners, and community members just don’t have a lot of energy to learn the new rules of marketing to get their message out.

That’s where CGI Communications and CEO Robert Bartosiewicz come into play.

Getting the word out about special communities today requires a digital approach, something that CGI Communications understands better than maybe anybody else in the business.

This marketing agency may have been founded in the late 80s with a distinctly low-tech approach to marketing (hand-drawn cartoon maps of communities and small businesses), but today it’s one of the most forward-thinking and tech-savvy shops in the business.

All of this means that their community, municipality, and organizational clients are able to hand off the “heavy lifting” of marketing and messaging for their communities online – relying instead on experts to deliver real, measurable, and tangible results through digital solutions.

Every community has a unique story 100% their own just begging to be told, and that’s a big part of what CEO Robert Bartosiewicz wants to use as the bedrock foundation for all of the marketing pieces that CGI Communications produces for its clients.

Without a story that resonates, though, all the slick marketing in the world won’t amount to much at all.

You need something authentic. You need something impactful. And you need something engaging – a story that is tight, focused, and easy to understand with a powerful resonance that separates this specific community or organization apart from the pack.

This story is the “secret sauce” that brings people together these days, connects people to one another and their local area, and helps strengthen the fabric of the community – even if much of the messaging and marketing is handled online.

CEO Robert Bartosiewicz and the team at CGI Communications understand how to create and share those stories, stories that “move the needle” and produce real influence, credibility, authority, and engagement.

At the end of the day, the number one thing that CEO Robert Bartosiewicz and CGI Communications produce for their clients are marketing assets that pay dividends for years to come as opposed to “one-off” campaigns designed to be discarded almost immediately after they have been run.

This approach, of building assets that intertwine and leverage one another, creates a web of influence and credibility that just wouldn’t have existed otherwise. It also helps to make each individual asset more effective and powerful, multiplying its effect and boosting results across the board.

Anyone looking to build a better, stronger, more influential community and want to get the word out should lean heavily on the services provided by CEO Robert Bartosiewicz and CGI Communications.

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