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One-year-old Noni plant growing in volcanic soil.

Noni fruit turns white when fully ripe.

Leading noni juice manufacturer is poised to meet growing product demand

HILO, HAWAII, USA, May 29, 2021 / -- Healing Noni, Co., a key manufacturer of noni juice since 1998, announced today that they have fully restored their production capacity after the destruction left by the 2018 eruption of volcano Kilauea. The company lost 85 percent of its harvest of fruit for nearly one-and-a-half years.

With its restored production, Healing Noni will be able to meet the increased demand for noni juice in South Korea, China, Japan, Europe, the USA, and other countries globally. Wholesalers and consumers have been actively seeking health-benefiting products such as noni juice due to the global pandemic.

While most people view the destruction from a volcanic eruption as a time of loss, Michael Harvey, owner of Healing Noni, sees a silver lining. "'From Lava comes Life' is our slogan. This is because flowing Lava breathes Life into the most nutrient-rich virgin volcanic soil. We plant our noni directly in this Lava, which then infuses our noni with super healing minerals and nutrients."

Harvey does not discount the level of destruction and hardship caused by Kilauea's eruption, as Healing Noni was hit hard by the effects of the natural disaster. He recounts, "In April of 2018 when the volcano hit us, it covered many of our farms and blocked us from many of them. Lava cracks opened up all around us, pulling apart the roads and spilling Lava. Many of our farms not covered or blocked were still seriously harmed by sulfur in the air. Farmers couldn't make it to their farms, and our warehouse workers couldn't work at our warehouse because the sulfur levels were dangerously high."

"We had damaged equipment that caused huge losses. Large amounts of the product had to be discarded or reprocessed. It was a nightmare," states Harvey. “Due to the shortages of product, we lost many of our large, longstanding clients as they could not wait for us to recover our supply, given that Healing Noni products made up a large percentage of their product lines. Thankfully, we are now fully recovered and have many more acres of noni planted to meet future demand. We are so happy to be again able to help support the growth of agriculture in the Hawaiian Islands, provide many jobs for the local people, and supply amazing noni products to the world!"

Healing Noni products include the following:

• Pure Hawaiian Noni Juice
• Certified Organic Noni Juice
• Raw Organic Hawaiian Noni Juice
• Noni Goji Fruit Juice
• Noni Nectar Honey
• Noni Powder (capsules & bulk)

Harvey states, "It is a time for hope and restoration…a time to focus on the natural healing components supplied by our planet to enrich our lives."

About Healing Noni: A family-owned business with over 450 acres of noni orchards located on the Big Island of Hawaii, the owners of Healing Noni have been farming Hawaiian Noni Juice for over 20 years. Grown directly in the most mineral-rich, virgin volcanic soil on the planet, Healing Noni is passionate about preserving ancient traditional Hawaiian methods of farming and production (natural fermentation and drip extraction), passed down for generations from the Kūpuna (Hawaiian for "Elders"). Healing Noni juice contains no added water, fruit juices, sugar, additives, or preservatives. The company offers discounts on noni juice bulk orders, plus free shipping on all USA Mainland orders.


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