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Nuzuna Fitness Releases a Public Letter to the President of the United States

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, UNITED STATES, May 19, 2021 / -- Charles Laverty, CEO of Nuzuna Wellness Centers, has shared an open letter to the President of the USA, Congress members of both Democrat and Republican parties, and Fitness Associations out of concern for the wellness industry in the USA. He has expressed rightful fears for the future of wellness centers and gyms that have been forced to remain shut for the past 15 months without necessary financial assistance. This elongated period without revenue generation has put a significant percentage of them in financial distress and will lead to the shutting down of businesses and job losses.

The past year and a half have been devastating for the entire world due to the pandemic, and businesses are no different. While the fitness industry received 2 PPP instruments, rent, taxes, and insurance were still charged at 100%, removing any sense of relief the PPP instruments intended to offer. Furthermore, Rep. Quigley proposed a bill, the GYMS Act (H.R. 890), for $30 billion to support the fitness and wellness industry. Despite it receiving the support of over 100 members of Congress from both parties, it remains to be officially passed.

“What strikes me as interesting is that fitness and wellness centers belong to an industry that can offer people actual relief while they cope with the pandemic,” Mr. Laverty said while discussing the role the industry plays in boosting the immune systems of people as they pursue their health goals. He argues that given the positive impact fitness and wellness centers have on people’s physical and mental health is another reason to support the needs of the embattled industry.

“Restaurants have also received $10 billion in relief. While we celebrate their position as fellow businesspersons, we struggle to comprehend why an industry dedicated entirely to health as not receive the same importance,” the statement continues.

Mr. Laverty has always been passionate about making a positive impact on people’s lives, which led him to incorporate the advanced electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) suits within their training systems, designed to especially offer improvement and results. Knowing that the fitness industry can help people cope better with the negative physical and psychological impact of COVID-19 and not being able to do it has been an added stress. “There is ample evidence suggesting that healthy people who exercise, regularly, either did not get infected with COVID-19 or avoided the more severe symptoms of the disease,” he mentioned to further highlight his commitment.

The letter aims to fast-track the GYMS Act without any further delays to address the plights of the fitness and wellness industry. The GYMS Act is set to provide $30 billion in recovery funds for the fitness industry. It further requests the government to consider allowing gyms and wellness centers to open again.

A few highlights about the fitness industry and how it has been affected by the pandemic:

● Industry revenues plummeted by 58%
● 17% of fitness facilities were permanently shut down
● 8 major fitness companies filed for bankruptcy
● More than 1 million employees in the industry lost their jobs
● Americans no longer had access to outlets for fitness and health

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