mxHERO Announces Law Firm Quick Start Packages for Mail2Cloud

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mxHERO Legal QuickStart Logo

mxHERO announces high value Quick Start package intended for legal firms and legal business units

With this new offering, we offer a frictionless way for law firms to exploit the technology capabilities that typically benefit large enterprises.”
— Don Hammons, Chief Customer Officer, mxHERO
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, June 22, 2021 / -- Today, mxHERO, Inc., creator of the Mail2Cloud platform, has released a QuickStart package supporting Small-MidMarket law firms to accelerate legal practice content management, workflow automation, and security capabilities for U.S.-based law firms.

Under the offering, mxHERO will extend to law firms up to twenty (20) licenses of mxHERO's Mail2Cloud platform, including key configuration support for management and protection of externally sent email attachments, an ability to run ongoing digital hygiene exercises by routinely harvesting email-centric content out of active employee email inboxes and by automating the inbound flow of legal contracts, matter number aligned documentation and other unstructured content from email systems. Through mxHERO's Mail2Cloud digital bridge, law firms will be able to: 1) extend their protections of attorney-client confidentiality; 2) support their content-based workflow automation needs around specific correspondence types; and 3) routinely extract sensitive and valuable content from employee email inboxes as part of a strategic digital hygiene initiative.

"With this new offering, we offer a frictionless way for law firms to exploit the technology capabilities that typically benefit large enterprises. Law firms are content-centric organizations with key workflow automation, security, legal hold, discovery, and content-type oriented use-cases. With our offering, we allow law firms to protect content sent outside of their organization by automatically replacing attachments with secure links to those files. Secure links use the customer's cloud storage platforms (MS OneDrive, Box, Google Drive, or Egnyte) - ensuring that law firms maintain control of their digital assets even after they've sent them. We provide bespoke capabilities for law firms to routinely capture emails and email attachments via our digital hygiene solution (e.g., content >30 days old is moved into content platforms and linked from the email systems). We offer these same law firms the ability to automate the capture of inbound correspondence and legal matter intelligently, docket mapped or client/court documentation, and auto-uplift the content into law firm targeted folders in their preferred cloud storage systems. With this new offering, law firms will have a quick win, with little to no change management friction and no user-level software to install. This is a win for our valuable law firm and legal business unit customer stakeholders!" said Don Hammons, mxHERO's Chief Customer Officer.

Under the Legal Quick Start package release, mxHERO will extend up to 20 mxHERO Mail2Cloud licenses for small to mid-size law firms, including implementation services for core use cases including outbound content capture, inbound automation based on correspondence 'type' and routine digital hygiene capabilities. The Quick Start offering released today is listed at $2,995 for law firms, and implementation is expected to take less than one hour once key business rules are defined.

"Our strongest industry vertical by customer breadth includes legal business units and law firms. Under this new Quick Start approach, law firms will be able to quickly deploy mxHERO into their environment and realize all of the security, collaboration, and content management benefits of linking mxHERO's digital bridge technology to their preferred law-firm centric cloud storage systems, including Egnyte, Microsoft's OneDrive, Google Workspace (Drive), and Box's Content Cloud. Not only will this extend the value of the investments these law firms are making in those cloud-based content platforms, but it will also reduce legal practice content management friction, enhance discovery and legal hold capabilities and provide for an increased security posture for our law firm and legal business unit-aligned customer segment. When we can provide all of these unique benefits with an implementation window of under one hour, that's a win for our customers!" said Alexis Panagides, CEO and Co-Founder of mxHERO.

The new law firm and legal business unit Quick Start packages are Generally Available (GA) as of this press release, and interested law firms may find out more via: or via email to: Sales@mxHERO.COM to request applicable demos and procurement opportunities.

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