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Best In The West Golf Cars Explains Why Your Golf Cart Battery Might Not Start

Golf cart batteries and maintenance

Golf cart maintenance and repair

TUCSON, ARIZONA, US, May 14, 2021 / -- The sun is shining, the weather is warm, the putters are packed, but the golf cart won’t start. This is an all too common experience for people heading back to golf courses this spring, and the culprit is most likely a dead battery. Best In The West Golf Cars has a solution for dead golf cart batteries in the Tucson area.

Best In The West Golf Cars will replace old golf car batteries that have died from underuse during winter. They use Trojan batteries in a variety of sizes that fit all types of golf cars.

“Customers are generally very happy with our Trojan batteries. They last longer and have more durability than other brands. We’re happy to sell and install the batteries right here in our shop,” said Mike Clayton, owner of Best In The West Golf Cars.

Best In The West Golf Cars will do a thorough inspection of all golf carts brought in for battery changes. They not only replace batteries but also clean the battery cage, check for signs of electrical fraying, and apply a battery coat.

The batteries sold and installed come with a warranty so shoppers can rest easy and focus on their swing. Clayton pointed out that 12-volt Trojan batteries have a one-year warranty, and 6-and 8-volt batteries have a two-year warranty.

Best In The West Golf Cars also offers tips on how to keep golf cart batteries running smoothly during the cooler winter months. They suggest people change the battery pack every two weeks, keep filling the water levels, and store the golf cart in a cool place.

Best In The West Golf Cars is a golf cart repair and refurbishing company located in Tucson, Arizona. They repair, customize, and sell refurbished golf carts, and sell and install golf cart batteries.


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