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International Being You Day Will Take Place on May 22nd

EXPLORE, DISCOVER, CELEBRATE BEING YOU Dr. Dain Heel, Global Speaker and Best-Selling Author Creates First-Ever Being You Day

UNITED STATES, May 14, 2021 / -- On May 22nd 2021 we will celebrate the world's first International Being You Day, pioneered by Dr. Dain Heer, author of the best-selling book Being You, Changing the World. The day has been created to explore what it truly means to be you, beyond the projections of society and need for perfection, and to help people to discover the beauty of you and your unique capabilities, while also celebrating everyone's differences.

"What if we could come together for a day and not have to pretend to be someone we are not? What if we could drop the masks, explore what it means to truly be us and celebrate what makes us different, instead of trying to hide it?" shares Dr. Dain Heer, creator of International Being You Day. "Let's consider what May 22nd could look like if we all walked around without wrongness – just fully accepting ourselves and those around us, in spite of all our imperfections and messy glory?"

Twenty years ago, Dr. Dain Heer was in such judgment of himself and overwhelmed with trying to fit in, that the exhaustion took its toll and he wanted to end his life. Since making the choice to live, he has dedicated his life's work to lead other people out of judgment and into an appreciation of themselves.

He went on to publish his book, Being You, Changing the World in 2011, which became an international bestseller. After receiving thousands of messages from people around the world telling him how his book gave them hope, Dr. Dain was inspired to take the message of Being You to an even greater level, and International Being You Day was born.

"My hope for this day is that people know they are not wrong and that their perceived wrongness is their strongness. I want everyone to know no matter what is going on in the world, you still have you and a greater sense of possibilities still exists!"

To honor the world's first International Being You Day there will be 8 hours of live coverage at with interviews from thought leaders and celebrities sharing stories and tools on the power of difference and authenticity.

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How it all started?
In 2011, Dr. Dain Heer wrote a book called Being You, Changing the World. Over the years, it became a bestseller, translated into over 17 languages, and turned into a series of seminars and workshops with over 100 trained facilitators. It is becoming a Being You movement, created by people’s demand to be themselves, to be their greatness and their difference.

What is Being You?
Being You isn’t about getting everything right. It’s about exploring you, creating you, and being the energy of you, whatever that may look like in any given situation. When you start being you, you stop being the effect of the world around you. You’re in the driver’s seat and you know deep within that any situation can be changed -- and that your choices create the world and future.

Dr. Dain Heer adds, “When you are truly being you, you have a sense of peace and you like that person you see when you look in the mirror. You have a sense of being happy and know you can create whatever you want and that you can easily change whatever isn’t working. It is an energy that fills you from within.

Dain Heer is a best-selling author, change-maker, speaker, and co-creator of Access Consciousness, one of the largest personal development companies practiced in 176 countries. For more than twenty years, Heer has traveled the world, sharing his unique insights on happiness, relationships, getting unstuck from the yuck, and everything in between!

Growing up in the ghetto in Los Angeles, Heer was exposed to constant abuse however he never chose to be a victim. In his talks and workshops, he uses a set of tools and provides step by step energetic processes to get people out of the conclusions and judgments that are keeping them stuck on a cycle of no choice and no change- leading them into moments of awe that they have the power to change anything.

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