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TruTrade.IO Introduces MarketRipper FOREX

MarketRipper FOREX Logo

MarketRipper FOREX Logo

Cutting-edge software developer TruTrade.IO is excited to announce the launch of its newest and most advanced automated trading software.

SCOTTSDALE , ARIZONA , UNITED STATES , May 10, 2021 / -- It is with much excitement that TruTrade.IO announces the grand debut of MarketRipper FOREX, its latest and most up-to-date software platform created to benefit retail traders and give a helpful boost to their profit-making efforts.

MarketRipper FOREX is next-generation automated trading technology designed to help mitigate the inclination of some retail traders to make emotional, impulsive, and often short-sighted decisions. As the markets move up and down, it is natural for any self-managing trader to make reactive decisions to buy or sell accordingly. However, many of these choices can end up being disastrous money-losers that hurt the very person making them. This is usually due to the fact that all available information surrounding the markets has not been properly considered. After all, the amount of raw data generated daily regarding financial instruments and markets is staggering, and a single human being can only absorb and analyze so much information. That’s where TruTrade’s automated, artificial intelligence (AI) powered MarketRipper FOREX becomes an extremely useful tool. It can process information at an incredible rate of speed and scan markets for patterns that elude the human eye.

An added benefit of MarketRipper FOREX’s AI engine is its high level of discipline and fortitude, something some traders lack. Whereas a human investor might get cold feet and sell their shares should the price of certain stock plunge—even if they know that long-term it’s bound to bounce back higher than ever—the AI engine of MarketRipper FOREX will not.

Additionally, MarketRipper FOREX also features a Dynamic Risk Management Module (DRAMM), meaning that even though it is automated software, traders still retain control of their overall investment strategy. Simply set the controls to correspond with your trading strategy and desired level of risk tolerance, and sit back as the AI trades according to those instructions.

TruTrade.IO believes that by using MarketRipper FOREX, retail traders of all levels of experience—from beginner to seasoned veteran—can harness the most cutting-edge software available to them and improve their chances of making increased profits. To learn more about MarketRipper FOREX and about TruTrade, people can visit the company’s official website.

About TruTrade:

TruTrade.IO is a leader in the retail trading industry thanks in large part to its state-of-the-art automated trading technology. Put plainly, TruTrade’s advanced technology allows ordinary retail traders to benefit from the same technology used by professional, institutional traders. In fact, TruTrade markets the most sophisticated such technology available to the general public. It allows any trader, ranging from novice to expert, to hedge their positions against many financial instruments using several bar types and time frames to reduce drawdowns and systematically amass equity. The company also employs a dynamic risk management module (DRAMM) so that traders can oversee a wide variety of money management strategies all at once. TruTrade.IO exists for the sole purpose of helping retail traders all over the world improve their ability to trade effectively and make money.

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