HILIFE MUSIC GROUP Announce Plans for Several Company Events and Endeavours

The events are in celebration of HILIFE MUSIC GROUP’s forthcoming 15-year anniversary.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 9, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- HILIFE MUSIC GROUP has announced plans for several company endeavours and events over the coming year, in line with the run up to its 15-year anniversary in 2022. CEO Adrian Fife says, “this is a momentous occasion, looking back on how it all started to where we are now. The events that are yet to be announced will be in line with company targets and milestones.”

Modest Beginnings

HILIFE MUSIC GROUP looks back on 14 years of operations in the run up to its 15-year anniversary. HILIFE GROUP, having particularly humble beginnings, started operations as a small recording studio with limited resources and a lack of funding. Now established as a record company, HILIFE MUSIC GROUP commemorates its heritage and modest beginnings.

Additionally, HILIFE is also acknowledging its sometimes challenging, yet nonetheless rewarding, fourteen-year journey, taking into account that this can be deemed a relatively short period of time in which to become a sizeable commercial business. Today, HILIFE MUSIC GROUP has a number of subsidiary companies, labels and departments.

HILIFE Company Name

At inception, HILIFE MUSIC, now part of the HILIFE GROUP of companies, had very modest beginnings. It all started with HILIFE MUSIC, with the name first appearing in 2007 when founder and now Chief Executive Officer, Adrian Fife, started the business as a recording studio.

Fife, having been involved in the music industry for a number of years as an artist and music producer himself, had a few ideas for names, however he wanted a name that expressed his experiences and, at the same time, demonstrated the company goals - as well as a name that was suitable for a company. He combined the name of a place and part of his surname and the HILIFE company name was formed.

HILIFE MUSIC eventually gained recognition, having established the brand as recording studios and music and audio production. As the company became more distinguished in the industry, HILIFE MUSIC began to work with artists and companies which allowed for the transition into record label operations and ultimately, over time, into a record company.

With the founding of HILIFE MUSIC in 2007, albeit on a smaller scale initially, the company operated continuously in some capacity from that time and, as a result, HILIFE MUSIC developed - establishing the brand and expanded steadily, creating a number of subsidiary labels and departments.

Investor Interest

For the duration of this period, there was a significant amount of interest shown by a number of interested parties keen to invest substantial amounts of money into HILIFE MUSIC and the Group, which would have made HILIFE MUSIC a very large organisation at that point. However, as the investors wanted to acquire a significant part of the company, as well as having different objectives and opposing directions for the company, several offers were turned down.

The company director and CEO, having built the HILIFE MUSIC brand from the ground upward, chose to remain true to his initial objectives by keeping on track and not being drawn away from his original aspirations by investors wanting to take the company in a different direction.

Fife knew, however, that even at the current level of development, regardless of all that had been achieved with HILIFE MUSIC, that it would take a considerable amount of additional time and financial resources to accomplish all of the fundamental requirements needed to progress, pushing the company forward, establishing the brand and fully launching as a company.

Company Development and Departments
Over the years, company development was steadily coming in line with milestones that were set out for that point in time. The company departments were created as a requirement for HILIFE MUSIC to operate as a record company. It was then recognised that the departments within HILIFE MUSIC could be used in their own right and were made available for general public use (as well as being used by HILIFE MUSIC). This is how the HILIFE MUSIC GROUP of companies were formed and the name that the company are still known by today.

All of the departments within the group have been absolutely essential to the success of HILIFE MUSIC. For example, HILIFE DESIGNER BRANDS was established in order to sell artist merchandise. Subsequently this department became established and successful in its own capacity, which led to HILIFE DESIGNER BRANDS becoming a business in itself, as well as delivering the company clothing lines HILIFE and AGRADE and delivering the company designer brand JORVINCI.

AGRADE MUSIC and HI5FIVE were developed as additional labels within the group for various genres. Through AGRADE MUSIC, HILIFE GROUP delivered an industry first with “Purchase a Record Deal” and HI5FIVE provided HILIFE GROUP “DIRECT LICENSING.” For the most part, these examples are the same for all of the subsidiary companies, labels and departments.

HILIFE MUSIC GROUP has exceeded all expectations and has grown in leaps and bounds. Having had to overcome many obstacles as a company, it now enters a significant juncture, having looked back over the years where it all began, and continues to develop. To some, HILIFE MUSIC can be considered as a great example for aspiring companies trying to attain ever higher standards and achievements. It truly is a successful business in its own right.

For more information about HILIFE MUSIC GROUP, please visit https://www.hilifemusicgroup.com/.


HILIFE MUSIC GROUP, also known as HILIFE MUSIC, was founded in 2007 by Chairman and CEO, Adrian Fife. Initially starting operations as recording studios. HILIFE MUSIC then expanded the company to include music production and all aspects of audio and sound design, and then working with a number of artists and groups, developed gradually to become a full record company.

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