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Action Yard & Tree Services Announce Best Practices for Spring Sod Installation

Sod Installation

Sod Installation

TUCSON, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, April 30, 2021 / -- Sod installation can be tricky, which is why Action Yard & Tree Services of Tucson has released their latest best practices on establishing new lawns at residential and commercial properties. Following their guidelines can help property owners establish a vibrant, healthy lawn.

Fall is often cited as the best time to schedule sod installation. However, sod can be successfully installed at any time of year. In Arizona, springtime is particularly well-suited to the installation of warm weather grasses, such as Bermuda grass and St. Augustine.

“Many of our customers prefer warm weather grasses, as they tend to thrive in our hot, dry climate,” said Joe Mills, owner of Action Yard & Tree Services.

Although warm weather grasses can tolerate the heat fairly well, it’s still crucial to get the new sod well established before the temperature rises too high. Newly laid sod is vulnerable to both hot temperatures and drying out.

Action Yard & Tree Services offers some best practices for planning a successful sod installation in Southern Arizona. First, the ground must be carefully prepared. For example, large stones and other debris should be removed, fertilizer applied according to the results of a soil test, and the soil should be tilled and thoroughly moistened.

“Our crews often spend just as much time preparing the ground as they do laying the new sod, if not more,” said Joe Mills. “Preparation is the key for a successfully established lawn,” he added.

Once the ground is properly prepared, the sod rolls can be delivered to the site. They must be watered immediately upon receipt, as new sod must be kept damp at all times. Next, the sod can be unrolled, cut to fit, and placed firmly end to end in staggered rows.

Sod is easier to establish than grass seed, but it still requires frequent watering. It’s important to keep the sod thoroughly watered for the first two weeks, followed by a gradual tapering off period.

Although there is still time to schedule sod installation before the summer heat hits, that window is shortening by the day. Unless you schedule it soon, you may end up having to wait until the fall to enjoy a new lawn.

Action Yard & Tree Services is a landscaping company based in Tucson, Arizona that provides a full range of lawn care and other landscaping services, including sod installation.


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