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LaneAxis Blockchain-Powered Direct Freight Network Eclipses $2 Million in 6 Weeks in Equity Crowdfund

LaneAxis Direct Network

LaneAxis Direct Network

New AXIS Token Design

New AXIS Token Design



Campaign quickly becoming a “movement” backed by thousands of investors and thousands of truckers

We’re now being approached by numerous companies who have taken note of our campaign success and growing profile, and now want to partner with us in a variety of ways.”
— Rick Burnett | LaneAxis Founder & CEO

ORANGE COUNTY, CA, USA, April 29, 2021 / -- LaneAxis has scored a “hat trick,” amassing a groundswell of support from traditional investors, blockchain enthusiasts, and the independent trucking community. LaneAxis reached its latest impressive milestone today, hitting the $2 million mark in its Regulation Crowdfund Raise (Reg. CF) in just 6 weeks. About 2,300 investors have contributed thus far on the StartEngine crowdfund platform.

A supply chain focused SaaS company, LaneAxis is building the industry’s first “Brokerless” shipper-to-carrier Direct Freight Network powered by the blockchain and AXIS token.

“We began this campaign with high expectations, and those expectations have been exceeded,” says Rick Burnett, LaneAxis Founder & CEO. “We’re now being approached by numerous companies who have taken note of our campaign success and growing profile, and now want to partner with us in a variety of ways. These potential partners range from fuel providers to insurance companies to other transportation-focused technology companies. We’re squarely focused on keeping this momentum going at full speed.”

In 2020, LaneAxis raised $1.07 million (the maximum allowed at the time) in approximately three months. That campaign closed out ahead of schedule - with hundreds of investors left on the waitlist. New Reg. CF rules now allow companies to raise up to $5 million per year, a number LaneAxis expects to reach relatively quickly.

As the StartEngine campaign continues to soar, so too does the interest in the LaneAxis Blockchain and AXIS Token, which is integrated into the core LaneAxis Network system. The AXIS Token prelisting sale has been a tremendous success, with token buyers flocking to to scoop up as many tokens as they can. Currently, only LaneAxis shareholders have exclusive rights to purchase the AXIS Utility Token.

“We are definitely working overtime to keep up with all the AXIS Token purchase requests we’re receiving,” says Mason Burnett, LaneAxis Chief Operations Officer. “The token will have a wide variety of important uses within the network ecosystem, and it’s clear our token purchasers understand the value of that.”

LaneAxis’ primary blockchain engineering partner, PixelPlex, is putting the finishing touches on the updated LaneAxis White Paper, which will delve into the details of how the blockchain network will function. PixelPlex has built systems for corporate titans such as Oracle, Mercedes-Benz, and Swissbank. Recently, another of PixelPlex’s blockchain clients – VeChain – has been in the news for reaching all time highs amid meteoric growth. The price of VeChain’s native coin – VET – has increased more than 400% over the past two months. VeChain’s market cap currently stands at over $12 billion dollars, placing the company at #13 on CoinMarketCap.

“Our team places transparency, efficiency, and safety at the top of our priorities," says Alexei Dulub, CEO & Founder of PixelPlex. "That’s why we are particularly proud to partner with LaneAxis and help them transform the supply chain industry with blockchain technology. We look forward to seeing how LaneAxis changes the game using disruptive technologies to eliminate major pains and modernize obsolete processes, making another step into a future decentralized economy.”

Just as important as the fundraising success and blockchain integration is the tremendous growth in our network carrier base. LaneAxis is now on-boarding 1,000 to 2,000 carriers per week. Our previous forecasting model predicted 1,000 to 2,000 new carriers per month.

LaneAxis investors, both within and outside the transportation industry, have been very generous with their praise of our project and its potential. Here are a few testimonials:

“I am so excited with this company and the company’ future. I have wanted to do what LaneAxis is doing for over 15 years now. The amount and duration of empty trucks on the roadways has always upset me. The company I work for has about 5-10 18-wheelers a day leaving without product. Once again thank you for your time and I wish for great success for LaneAxis.”
Mark G.

“Keep up the momentum and great work in this space. Once this nut is cracked, I see huge potential for the same technology in shipping within the Oil and Gas industry. We can discuss at the appropriate time. Good Luck and Keep Going!"
Roger G.

“I invested in the first round along with this round. I also bought the tokens with the 30% bonus tokens. You are doing an awesome job. I believe in your mission to revolutionize the trucking industry for fair play between large and small transport industries. [The LaneAxis] team are truly building the future transportation in the world.”
Hip H.

Visit to learn more about the LaneAxis platform and Reg. CF campaign.

Visit to learn more about the LaneAxis blockchain and AXIS Token protocol.

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