Meet Pamela Jane Nye and THE NURSES WALL Mission To Take Back 2020 "Year of the Nurse" Celebration Stolen By Covid-19

Pamela Jane Nye, Operation Scrubs CEO/Executive Director and Clinical Nurse Specialist

Creating “THE NURSES WALL” – a grateful public’s virtual gift to the world’s frontline hero nurses, and memorializing the 1,700+ who died choosing to shield their trusting patients from the Covid-19 virus.

Operation Scrubs honors nurses - Covid 19's unsung frontline heroes.

Operation Scrubs honors nurses - Covid 19's unsung frontline heroes.

Unique nurse education setting aboard FantaSea One luxury yacht

2019 concept test of Operation Scrubs innovative continuing nurse education and public awareness advocacyconcept

Pamela Jane Nye dubbed "THE VACCINATOR" when recalled from retirement to supervise and administer Covid-19 vaccinations for hospital staff and patients

THE VIRTUAL WALL becomes global public’s virtual gift honoring frontline hero nurses and memorializing the 1,700+ nurses killed treating Covid-19 patients

THE NURSES WALL -- a grateful public’s virtual "thank you" gift to the world’s 27+ million frontline hero nurses, and to memorialize the 1,700+ nurse responders who died treating Covid-19 patients.”
— Pamela Jane Nye
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, May 3, 2021 / -- As 2021's National Nurses Week (May 6-12) approaches, there's an exponentially growing buzz about the World Health Organization's declaring 2020 as Year of The Nurse, Covid-19 stealing it, and Pamela Jane Nye, the nurse who leads the global 2021 mission to take it back!

Meet Pamela Jane Nye, an Iowa-born girl whose policeman father died when she was five, was raised by a strict but caring mother who often worked several jobs to make ends meet, grew up constantly reminded, "Your destiny is Iowa. Here you will marry, be a husband-supportive wife, a good mother to your children, and of service to your community."

Destiny? Pam did marry in Iowa, was a husband-supportive wife, worked full time so he could attend college, was a good, kind, and loving mother to her son, and a volunteer "Candy Striper" at a local hospital. Shy, "nerdy" by her admission, home a lot, and believing she wanted to be a journalist, Pam's attraction to books was not surprising and bode well for her future education and nursing career accomplishments.

Working around nurses while her husband attended college caused Pam to realize that being becoming a nurse was her future. Years later, her son, now away at college, Pam told her husband, "I've done my part, and now it's my time."

Shortly after that, Pam 2.0 emerged, and with a renegotiated destiny agreement, no job offer, no place to live, and with only $1,500 in savings, and whatever personal items would fit into her car, she left Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and drove to Fresno, California. With no time or money to waste, Pam talked her way into California State University Dominguez Hills, quickly found part-time work at nearby St. Agnes Hospital where she worked upon graduated from CSU/DH with honors. Next came the master's degree at the University of California/San Francisco, which included a fully-funded summer semester of studies in London.

Over Pam's multi-decade career, she worked at some of California's most prestigious hospitals, e.g., UCSF Medical Center/San Francisco, Cedar-Sinai Medical Center, and UCLA Medical Center/Los Angeles and Santa Monica.

Nye's love for the job, caring for her patients, intelligence, dedication, kindness, and faith contributed to her acclaim, trust, and becoming an in-demand public speaker/presenter at many nurse-education symposiums and conferences.

Pam's full-time nursing career abruptly ended in 2019 when, during another successful UCLA work/bonus evaluation, she tendered her resignation as UCLA Medical Center as Stroke Coordinator, educating nurses system-wide, but continued as Associate Professor at UCLA School of Nursing. To her stunned but understanding evaluators, Pam's resignation notice was emotional and brief, stating only, "I want to use whatever productive time I may have left to do what I enjoy most. I want to advocate for and to provide innovative nurse education. And I want to do it my way."

Ninety days later, Pam achieved global recognition for her historic and tradition-changing approach to providing innovative continuing nurse education. The date was May 6th, 2019 (National Nurses Day), and the inaugural and successful hosting of Operation Scrubs. As a result, Nye deservingly acquired her "Maverick Nurse" branding due, in part, to her Operation Scrubs status-quo changes to continuing nurse education and nurse-honoring celebration traditions. This time it's THE NURSES WALL -- a grateful public’s virtual "thank you" gift to the world’s 27+ million frontline hero nurses, and to memorialize the 1,700+ nurse responders who died treating Covid-19 patients.

Pam's recently acquired moniker is "THE VACCINATOR" earned during her "return to active duty" to supervise and provide Covid-19 vaccinations for UCLA hospital staff and patients. "This privileged return was exhausting," Nye acknowledged but smiled when adding, "but being back with my nurse peeps and one-on-one patient contact was terrific – and I admittedly enjoyed wearing and getting to keep the new form-fitting scrubs uniforms.

"The Vaccinator" assignment ended May 1st and allowed Pam to return full-time as her unpaid founder, CEO, and Executive Director of Operation Scrubs, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit/tax-exempt organization created to provided tuition-free continuing nurse education, positive nurse image awareness, and in collaboration with American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, award advanced nursed education scholarships to working nurses.

For more information about Pam, one quick and easy way is to type Pamela Jane Nye Nurse into any internet search engine, e.g., Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. For additional information and interviews, contact Devon Blaine at the Blaine Group PR firm as indicated below.

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