Author Malisa Hepner Releases Brand-New Book “Owning My Crazy: Learning to Overcome Trauma”

This is the author’s first foray into non-fiction and aims to support trauma survivors through shared experience.

YUKON, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, April 24, 2021 / -- Malisa Hepner is pleased to announce the launch of her first non-fiction book, Owning My Crazy: Learning to Overcome Trauma.

Malisa Hepner is a first-time author with a long-standing passion for writing since childhood. When she is not writing, Malisa spends her time impacting children’s lives as an elementary school counselor and also works with the newly bereaved with a hospice in OKC – a role she has held since 2013. As demonstrated in her work to support others when they need it most, Malisa’s goal is to help individuals gain peace and clarity through counseling, shared experiences, and compassion and empathy.

In her most recent news, Malisa Hepner is excited to release her very first book, Owning My Crazy: Learning to Overcome Trauma. The book is designed for anyone who believes, or wants to believe, they can find true peace and happiness within themselves after experiencing neglect, abuse, and other forms of trauma. Written through the lens of personal experience, Owning My Crazy: Learning to Overcome Trauma takes readers alongside Malisa as she discusses the trauma she endured throughout her childhood and adolescence. From there, readers will learn the strategies that did and did not work on her journey to recovery, self-reflection, and ultimately freedom.

“I'm not just a girl with a Master’s in Social Work; I am also a survivor,” states Malisa. “From my own experience, I know that being a survivor means we are left with scars that are sometimes ugly and messy. I also know that as we learn to overcome, we find our biggest challenges in our own minds. I am fully aware that we create ugly narratives to fit ourselves in a box created by generational trauma. I know what feeling crazy feels like and I am very humbled to share my journey with those who are suffering as well. I hope my book can provide the inspiration and courage others need to not only survive, but also to thrive.”

Owning My Crazy: Learning to Overcome Trauma can currently be purchased on Amazon in Kindle format, with hardcopies coming soon.

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About Malisa Hepner

Malisa Hepner is an author, school counselor, and bereavement worker with a Master’s Degree in Social Work. Malisa’s love for writing came at an early age when she was in the 8th grade and uses her own past trauma as inspiration to share her story to support others in their own journey to healing.

Malisa Hepner