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How Classroom Screen Monitoring Software Enhances Student Safety at School and Home

Classroom Screen Monitoring Software Blocksi Keeps Underage Children Safer

Classroom Screen Monitoring Software Blocksi Keeps Underage Children Safer

Classroom screen monitoring software Blocksi goes beyond providing a CMS for schools

Classroom Screen Monitoring Software Blocksi Keeps Underage Children Safer

PALO ALTO, CA, UNITED STATES, April 23, 2021 / -- You could just never let your child or children online, so they cannot cause trouble or get into trouble, but that probably is not a reasonable thought in 2021. You can however control completely what they have access to, so they cannot go where they should not using a classroom screen monitoring software. At home, you can lock them out of certain computer sites using publicly available software. You still need to concern yourself with what they can access at school and on tablets and laptops issued to them.

Blocksi Helps Teachers Control Student Internet Access

That’s where Blocksi comes into play. Schools now often issue laptops and tablets on which to do schoolwork. Children receive an education on computer security, typically at home and at school, but many times, they want to flout it and use the latest app, although it’s not made for their age group or intellect. Blocksi, a classroom screen monitoring software, also lets parents control access at home.

Their desire to socialize and grow up too soon gets in the way of their safety, but classroom screen monitoring software can help make them safer. Blocksi helps schools and parents stop that from happening by blocking websites from children’s reach. It provides an all-in-one app that lets both school and parents engage student learning while limiting uses whether the device gets used in the classroom, a remote learning opportunity, or at home.

Its features include a classroom management system (CMS) with integrated audio and video, anti-theft and inventory capabilities, and content filtering that works on both Chromebooks and Windows devices. It also includes a parent dashboard that lets adults limit and manages screen time, plus a feature that monitors student safety including conversations, texts, instant messages, and posts concerning self-harm, threats, and toxicity to ensure that each individual has a community of positivity and productivity in which to learn and grow.

It matches teacher-to-student screen sharing with real-time screen monitoring to keep students and teachers safe. Parents and schools can use YouTube filtering, dynamic Web filtering, and enforce or share content. You can block items on the fly, so if students access something inappropriate that did not exist yesterday, you can click to block it today. This ensures a safer learning environment for all. For those using it at home, the software comes with Wi-Fi blocking, so you can ensure your child does not use sites they should not, or you can lock their school-provided device installed with Blocksi. This ensures that children only use the device for school uses and protects them and others.

Classroom Screen Monitoring Software with Parental Controls

As the Internet has grown, so have the threats to children. This goes beyond predators like pedophiles to include other children who bully one another, including cyberbullying. Blocksi helps you limit children’s opportunities to misuse school-provided devices for online socializing that could endanger them.

At home, you should talk to your kids about staying safe online by not posting their address, full name, family photos, or photos of themselves. They should understand why they should not file share or click on links in emails. They also need to understand that sexting is inappropriate at their age and, so is accessing sites meant for adults. Adults should access content meant for adults, and it is up to adults to make sure that children do not access online information, sites, and worlds intended for and designed for adults.

Classroom screen monitoring software Blocksi goes beyond providing a CMS for schools. It also provides a safety mechanism for parents to limit children’s access, so they only see and hear what is age-appropriate.

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