The People Behind the Brand: Design and Development

Combat Knight Wraith

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Collaboration sessions are often best staged NOT sitting at a desk.

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The Wraith was a team building exercise for the Combat crew. Everyone had a chance to weigh in on design changes and express their thoughts on how everything aligned with the brand’s identity.”
— Andrew Reuther
BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, USA, April 22, 2021 / -- How do you build a motorcycle unlike anything else on the market? How do you instill a brand’s foundational principles into a machine? We’re not willing to go too deep into the secret sauce of what makes a Combat Motorcycle so special. However, we will introduce you to the guy who managed to encapsulate some of that into the 2021 Combat Wraith.

Meet Andrew Reuther, the head of design for Combat Motors. He previously carried the same title, succeeding Pierre Terblanche, at Confederate Motorcycles. It would have been considered “the fellowship of speed” when he first apprenticed under the leadership and unique creativity of Pierre; learning how to best lay out a machine that would not just make ripples in the motorcycle design world, but tsunamis. Andrew’s first motorcycle design was the P-51 Combat Fighter which went on to make appearances in numerous TV shows and films like Transformers: The Last Knight and The Fate of the Furious.

Where the heck did this guy come from? Well, he’s American, born and raised in eastern Pennsylvania. His affinity for automotive and motorcycle culture was fostered at the age of 3, when he received his first car: a Hot Wheels, and yes, he still has it. Andrew is a third generation artist and designer. It started with his grandfather, Petty Officer First Class, Charles Reuther, previously stationed in the South Pacific during WW2 and later became a commercial artist from the late 1940’s to the 70’s. Followed by Gary Reuther, who served in the Navy Reserves, and is currently working as a model maker & mechanical designer in his home state. Yes, it would be safe to assume the family trade is well anchored in the creative arts… pun intended. He grew up observing his father work with the equipment of the time to develop models and prototypes for some of the top names in the industry, and watched his grandfather complete photorealistic works of art that would make a camera blush.

College? Sure. Andrew attended Savannah College of Art & Design graduating magna cum laude with a BFA in Industrial Design in 2011. Describing this as the most expensive vacation he was ever on, he quickly got to work making sizable contributions for a number of companies in the automotive aftermarket. His career path combined a passion for motoring with design which ultimately equipped him to the best guy for the job. In March of 2014, he would receive the opportunity to work under Pierre on the Hellcat Speedster. When Pierre left in late October of 2014, Andrew was there to take the reins as head of design for the next major project; the P-51 Combat Fighter.

What inspires this guy? He is a Christian, so that is where it starts. Secondly, his biggest challenge is to remove himself from the end product. “Every Combat design needs to look like a Combat, and nothing else” stated the designer. His inspiration comes from fusing the origins of the company to the leadership style and personality of one of America’s last cowboys, Ernest Lee, the owner of Combat Motors. This thesis culminates with the resurrection of the Combat Wraith; bridging the old past with a bright new future. The unmistakable design was developed to utilize the newest forms of manufacturing while giving the general public a prelude to the Combat brand.

What is the future for Combat? The Wraith was a team building exercise for the Combat crew. Since the majority of the original P-51 Combat Fighter had been retained, the changes that were made became an opportunity for collaboration. Everyone had a chance to weigh in on design changes and express their personal thoughts on how everything aligned with the brand’s identity. There is no room for egos in this company, Ernest has empowered each individual to become the master of their own domain. Openly communicating a vision and giving everyone an opportunity to contribute, there is no doubt that the team is invested into the growth and success of Combat Motors.
What does the future look like?... Bright... stay tuned.

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