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Global Peptide Drug Conjugate Market Opportunity 2026 US Europe Japan South Korea Sales Forecast 2026

Global Peptide Drug Conjugate Market Opportunity To Surpass USD 1 Billion By 2026 Says Kuick Research

/EIN News/ -- DELHI, India, April 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Peptide Drug Conjugate Market and Clinical Trials Insight 2026 Report Highlights:

  • First FDA Approved Peptide Drug Conjugate: Pepaxto (Melphalan Flufenamide)
  • Pepaxto Clinical and Commercial Insight: Dosage, Patent, Price, Sales Forecast
  • Peptide Drug Conjugate Sales Opportunity: US, Europe, Japan and South Korea
  • Global Peptide Drug Conjugate Clinical Pipeline: > 20 Drugs
  • Clinical Trials Insight by Company, Country, Indication
  • Patent Insight of Peptide Drug Conjugates
  • Profile and Clinical Pipeline Insight of Companies Developing Peptide Drug Conjugates

Download Report:

“Global Peptide Drug Conjugate Market and Clinical Trials Insight 2026” provides comprehensive insight on clinical and non clinical factors that are driving the peptide drug conjugate market and its impact on the global pharmaceutical market landscape. The report has been prepared in a view to deeply profile the current market trends along with the commercial opportunity and clinical insight on only approved peptide drug conjugate Pepaxto. Report also includes insight on more than 20 approved peptide drug conjugates in clinical pipeline.

Peptide drug conjugates is an emerging therapeutic approach, which has potential to dominate the future cancer drug market and this segment will overtake a major share of leading peptide drugs in upcoming years. Due to the advancements achieved in the peptide field during the last few years, this class of therapeutics has continued gaining more interest. The insight of future prevalence of cancer is indicating towards the huge demand of novel therapeutics and the peptide drug conjugates can fulfill this increasing demand and overall benefits of this class will probably promote the acceptance rate of this therapy at global level.

Currently, Pepaxto is the only approved peptide drug conjugate available in the market US for treating relapsed and refractory multiple myeloma. It is expected that Pepaxto will also get approval in other leading pharmaceutical regions which will trigger the market size of peptide drug conjugates and take it to the next level. In most of the regions, the approval of first peptide drug conjugate is expected by year 2022 and this approval will provides an initial knock to the growth of global Peptide drug conjugates market as well as encourage the research and development sector to identify new candidates of this class.

Along with the available Peptide drug conjugate, the presence of several investigational candidates is also believed to trigger the growth rate of this segment in future years. Various new peptide drug conjugates are under clinical stage of development, which will further broaden the therapeutic potential of this segment and takes this market to the next level. The initial success of Papexto is encouraging the researchers to perform intense research and development in peptide drug conjugate segment and several new candidates of this category entered the clinical pipeline within a short period of time. The clinical & Preclinical date of Peptide drug conjugates is indicating towards its role in the management of several solid tumors including tumors of colorectal cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer, gastric cancer etc., which is indicating towards the potential of this segment in near future.

Neeraj Chawla
Research Head


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