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BimpeBaby Sheds Light on It’s Inspiring Journey of Development

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BimpeBaby Details its Fascinating Rise to the Top of the Baby Product Industry

CARMEL, INDIANA, UNITED STATES, April 17, 2021 / -- The formation of the BimbeBaby brand initially began as a result of the owners’ personal adverse circumstances. The company name is inspired by the married couple’s ‘miracle baby’- named Bimpe, which was born when its Mother- Majek, was 43 years old. Soon after the birth, Bimpe’s mother was routinely hospitalized for a plethora of serious health conditions- including anemia, pulmonary emboli, preeclampsia and heart failure. Having an extended period of time on her hands as a result of the prolonged hospital stays- as well as her ‘Miracle Baby’ in mind, Majek began critically researching all of the organic skin and hair market products which were specifically tailor-made for black babies. To her disappointment, Majek quickly found out that all of the current market options involved a prolific amount of harmful chemical ingredients, exorbitant pricing, or suggested ‘’lightening’’ of the skin.
Unequivocally desperate to find the absolute best for her newly born baby, Majek launched a variety of extensive research & marketing campaigns in order to discover a current line products and strengthening oils that could produce a sufficient degree of robust health benefits for Bimpe in the future- as well as for other black babies.

Knowing the exorbitant cost of such organic oils if purchased separately, however, as well as the lack of any current market options which were tailored to black and biracial babies (which as a result of their higher levels of Melanin and Eumelanin, have significantly more sensitive skins in comparison to other races and are consequently more susceptible to dryness and hypopigmentation), inspired Majek to pursue the issue herself. Ultimately, this led to her developing and sustaining her own brand of organic products, and allowed her to provide Bimpe (and all other black babies in similar situations) pure, natural and organic products which were safe for her skin and which would not exacerbate any potential conditions- such as eczema, that could be developed later on in life.

This was a rather long process for Majek who- against Father Majek’s wishes, began ordering a prolific number of the components necessary to craft the aforementioned organic oils. After months of extensive product testing, Majek decided to test her newly-developed product on: her family, her friends, and- of course, her Baby, Bimpe (which was the sole reason for the creation of the BimpeBaby brand). The consequent feedback received was astronomically positive, with a plethora of persons listing a variety of specific restorative, moisturizing, and conditioning skin benefits.
As a next step, Majek decided to take her products one step further, and- with her loving husband’s assistance and a prolific amount of entrepreneurial and business development experience which spanned over two decades, she decided to proudly launch her own brand of luxurious deluxe oils, providing a market alternative to some of the less accommodating market options.

‘’Undeniably, what began as a rather scary and difficult situation quickly turned into an extremely enhancing experience. In the absence of all those nights spent alone in the ICU, I am positive that Bimpe LLC would not have been born.’- Shamara Majekodunmi, Founder and Current Owner of the BimpeBaby brand.

Differentiation has been key in growing the Bimpe brand. They focus on hair and skin especially for infants. They used premium grade ingredients that are USDA certified organic and Non-GMO. To now have available organic products, that are especially suitable to support the wellness of black babies - and providing a unique baby beauty bar with all-natural oil is something the company is proud of.

More About Bimpy LLC (Bimpebaby): Bimpe- which is derived from the word ‘gorgeous’ in Yoruba, is an eminent skin and hair care brand that specialises in the production of skin and hair care products which are specifically tailor-made with the needs of black and biracial babies in mind- as well as their family’s cultural needs. The company’s organic and all-natural hair and skin care products are designed to ‘treat, soothe and condition’ the skin, and consequently are said to provide a plethora of unrivalled benefits and relief for common baby skin conditions such as Cradle Cap, Diaper Rash, Eczema and Baby Acne. Named after the couple’s own miracle baby, BimpeBaby utilizes completely natural and organic products which are derived from artisan nuts, seeds and herbs, fruits and West African butters. The company’s essential oils are made by incorporating a plethora of concentrated extracts taken from leaves, flowers, roots and plant peels.

Today, The Bimpe Official Website welcomes wholesalers, consumers and affiliates. to sample and purchase it's products.

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