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Top 10 Female Life Coaches That Will Impact Your Life in 2021

/EIN News/ -- NEW YORK, April 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Why are life coaches so popular these days? Life coaches have helped their clients in many ways, ranging from achieving and maintaining a good mindset to shedding light on tough decisions. They help you in setting the right goal and gain confidence along the way.

If you are planning to invest your time with life coaches, then today is your lucky day as Building Your Authority has compiled a list of the best female life coaches that will impact and elevate your life this year.

These women have proven their reputation with years of undying passion for helping their clients. For them, providing compassion and commitment is an absolute priority when it comes to maintaining partnerships and creating results with their clients.

In this list, these incredible women offer different niches in their line of business that can impact your life in 2021!  

1.   Nadiya Manji (@nadiyamanji)

Nadiya Manji is a highly sought-after transformational master coach, registered clinical hypnotherapist, board-certified master neuro-linguistic programmer, and emotional intelligence expert; who helps clients achieve powerful internal alignment and optimal mental health. Author of the book Searching for Balance”, Nadiya shares her story and the pivotal life lessons that changed her life, unlocking her high performance through internal alignment. Nadiya first shared her message of alignment and the work-life balance fallacy on the TEDx stage. Nadiya develops self-awareness in professionals of all levels, producing aligned, emotionally intelligent, and resilient leaders through her twenty years of global experience, honing her skills in science, spirituality, and intuition. Nadiya offers a wide range of life coaching programs, corporate workshops, and training sessions through her Rewire Your Life, Rewire your Business, and Profound Wellness programs.

Begin your personal transformation with Nadiya here, or learn more about her through LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook.

2.   Kelly Kristin (@mskellykristin)

Kelly Kristin (@mskellykristin) is a globally known coach and the founder of The Worshipped Woman Movement. She focuses on helping women recover from toxic relationships. Her goal is to help women who are ready to break the cycle, heal, and experience the love and life they deserve. Between her online on-demand programs, group and private clients, Kelly has already helped over 3000 women in their personal transformation. Kelly’s book, “The Call to Rise”, became an instant bestseller on Amazon and continues to inspire and uplift women all over the world. Kelly is an expert in subconscious transformation and facilitates deep healing through embodiment practices and an emphasis on nervous system regulation. She utilizes a number of unique modalities and her own personal knowledge of having been through toxic relationships, which in turn, allows her to offer a one-of-a-kind coaching experience. Her mission is to have every woman recognize and embody their worth, love themselves fully, and become their own version of “The Worshipped Woman”. To learn more about Kelly and her upcoming programs, visit her at Kelly Kristin Co.

3.   Dr. Nikki Starr Noce (@drnikkistarr)

Dr. Nikki Starr Noce is a medical doctor turned transformational life coach. She’s traveled the world touching every continent except Antarctica, researching alternative healing modalities while awakening her innate healing and intuitive abilities. Dr. Nikki comes from a lineage of Colombian healers. She also appeared on the FOX show “Utopia” where they named her “#DrLove”. Dr. Nikki Starr uses a holistic approach to help clients dissolve drama and turn pain into purpose with the Awaken Your Spiritual Power Guidebook. She also works with high-achieving women ready to rise to their next level via the Ultimate Woman Uprising Cheat Sheet.

4.   Emily Harris (@_emilyanneharris)

Emily Harris is a Lifestyle Coach and Mindset Mentor for overwhelmed women who are ready to break free from autopilot and step into their power. Following a burnout in 2019, Emily became a certified life coach. For Emily, true fulfillment comes from knowing that we all have the power to wildly transform our lives if we're prepared to get back in the driver's seat.

Emily's 12-week program involves a blend of deep self-discovery, spirituality, and mindset work which, using her unique formula; “Connection + Compassion + Conscious Creation = Freedom”, creates massive shifts for everyone who works with her. Emily endeavors to make herself redundant by empowering her clients to walk away with unshakeable confidence and self-trust, breaking through anything that stands in their way.

Emily is committed to guiding her community to take control and consciously create the powerful, purposeful, and fulfilling life they were born to live. Visit her website here.

5.   Courtney Quinn (@coachingwithcourt)

Courtney Quinn is an intuitive life and health coach who aims to help women step into their power, reclaim their radiance, and live a life of fulfillment.  Through one-on-one life coaching, and her high-level mastermind Reclaiming Radiance”, she has helped women gain clarity on what they want in life, commit to healthy rituals that set them up for success, and let go of limiting beliefs that hold them back from their true potential. She began coaching over 5 years ago, where she started in fitness and nutrition. Since then, Courtney Quinn has helped hundreds of women transform their bodies, mind, and life. If you are looking to up level your life in 2021 and reclaim your radiant power as a woman, visit her website here to learn more.

6.   Chrystal Rose (@xtalrose)

Chrystal Rose is a Self-Love Life Coach, entrepreneur & host of the “Self Love Breakfast Club Podcast”. She is dedicated to helping women heal their hustle, make peace with food and their bodies, and step into their best selves. Chrystal’s passion and desire to create a massive impact stems from surviving an incredibly traumatic childhood. She now uses the same techniques in her coaching that allowed her to heal. Rather than focusing on the surface with mindset and behavioral change, Chrystal helps her clients achieve lasting results by getting to the root and healing it from within. Chrystal offers multiple levels of accessibility, from her high-level one-on-one coaching, group program “Pendulum”, retreats, to a full-blown membership site coming soon. She is obsessed with exceeding her clients’ expectations and promises you’ll never feel the need to pick up a self-help book again. If you are truly ready to transform, visit Chrystal’s website.

7.   Natacha Cottu (@natachacottu)

Natacha Cottu is a life and business coach for World Enhancers.

She believes that the world is in the direction of shaping itself for the better. Her priority is to empower people who want to take part in this positive change, hence the name “World Enhancers”.

She focuses on two pillars; mindset and project/business strategy and execution. Thanks to her business background, she understands the inner struggles her clients face when starting, which often are lack of clarity, self-doubt, and inconsistency. Natacha helps them turn into empowered, in-the-zone, and high-momentum “World Enhancers”.

While building her “World Enhancers Community”, she is going forward with her vision of aligning people and business, so that it becomes a no-brainer for the longer term.

Don’t let your potential and creation be untapped, the world needs it! If you feel that boiling energy inside, want to participate in change for the better, and don't know where and how to start? Get in touch with Natacha today!

8.   Kristy Love (@KristyLove)

Kristy Love is the CEO of Kristy Love LLC Coaching. She is a Mindset/Quantum Coach and NLP Practitioner. Over the last six years, Kristy has worked with clients to uncover the beliefs, blocks, behaviors, habits, and patterns of thinking that prevent them from living the life that they desire through her “Mindset Coaching Programs”. 95% of Kristy’s clients have achieved new jobs they love, started businesses, improved their credit scores, changed their diet, and gained new mental growth by completing her program. Kristy states, “Think about this, what is it costing you to hold on to your excuses and procrastination? What are the benefits of holding on to your limiting beliefs? Then make a decision from there.” If you’re looking to step into the best possible version of you, book a consultation with coach Kristy Love and check out her Mindset Programs.

9.   Brooke Summer Adams (@brxc)

Brooke Summer Adams is an internationally accredited “Transformation Coach and NLP Master Practitioner”, coaching women into the very best version of themselves. Specializing in mindset, self-worth, and lifestyle transformations, Brooke works one-on-one with clients, runs her “Best-Self Blueprint” course, and provides training in various online communities. She showcases an impressive amount of testimonies and client transformations on her social media, and credits her results to “addressing the root of the problems, rather than their symptoms”. This approach, Brooke says, is what allows her to “address many of my clients’ complaints simultaneously, allowing for total transformations in a relatively short amount of time”. Find out how to work with her on her website, and join her free “Transformative Trainings” Facebook community here to learn how her work helps women become their best versions, so they can “love themselves and their lives”. 

10.   Sushma (@resetwithsushma)

Sushma is an “Emotional Alignment Specialist” and master life coach based in Dubai. She uses NLP tools and “Time Paradigm” techniques to enable her clients to clean up their suppressed negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs on a subconscious level. Shedding layers and aligning your thoughts and actions with your desires is an integral part of any healing, as it helps a person build resilience.

Sushma specializes in coaching her clients to break thought patterns, build self-worth, and get them to a state of feeling empowered through her program. The “Reset Alignment Program” is done over ten days and consists of seven coaching sessions which are ninety minutes each. She has seen phenomenal results in her clients once they discover their true selves and feel empowered to achieve their goals.

During her sessions, her clients release many years of piled up negative emotions like anger, resentment, fear, and live a more fulfilling life. Her biggest strength lies in her very own life experiences, which have enabled her to intuitively heal, guide, and uplift her clients effortlessly. The techniques used during the program result in creating a change swiftly, whilst keeping the growth consistent. One can expect to feel totally new from within and gain immense clarity about their lives as they finish the program. As Sushma states, “You are simply a decision away from creating lasting change from within”.

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In this list, these incredible women offer different niches in their line of business that will impact your life in 2021!