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Social media marketing experts create free guide of step-by-step social media basics and recommendations for small businesses in need

/EIN News/ -- Seattle, April 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Small business marketing expert, Ripl Inc., a software company empowering hundreds of thousands of businesses to succeed on social media without the need for specialized staff or high costs, today announced the release of The Small Business Owner’s Social Media Playbook. The company produced the guide for small businesses struggling to identify how they should promote their brand through social media marketing.

The Playbook is intended to be a free downloadable tutorial for small business owners in need of training and support on the basics of social media. The crash-course guide can be easily digested and distributed throughout an organization. The goal for Ripl was to provide a complimentary service to businesses interested in easily creating and managing a professional social media presence for their company.

“It’s been a challenging time for small businesses. We wanted to find ways we could share our knowledge of social media tactics and best practices to help support those brands facing an uphill climb. The last thing most business owners have the time or money for right now is hiring a social media manager or trying to learn how to keep up with all of the various social media platforms,” said Clay McDaniel, CEO of Ripl.

Most small businesses owners understand the importance of maintaining a professional social media presence, and the opportunities it can afford to their organization, but often feel they are ill-equipped to take on the challenge. “We want to help relieve that stress for small businesses and empower them with the tools and knowledge to quickly and affordably create and manage an online presence,” said McDaniel.

While all small businesses have different needs and levels of experience with social media management, Ripl senior director of brand and design, Carrie Byrne, says any small business will find the guide useful. “Whether you are brand new to the world of social media or have dabbled with creating your own content in the past, The Playbook is designed to help you establish and grow your social media marketing quickly with confidence.”

The Playbook provides detailed information and insights into the various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as best practices and how to use the features on each channel. No matter the business-model or industry, Ripl says there are a few questions all small business owners need to be consistently asking themselves when it comes to their brand online, including what they call, “The Four C’s of Engaging Social Content.”

  • Clear: Is your message clear? Are you sticking to one key topic?
  • Concise: Are you keeping your captions short and using words economically?
  • Compelling: Is your content interesting? Does it inspire action?
  • Creative: Does your content look and sound good?

 Ripl helps small business owners make the most of their time by both elevating the quality of the content they create, and simplifying the execution of their social media efforts. For about the same price as a lunchtime sandwich per month, a business can have a Ripl subscription which gives them access to thousands of customizable templates, over 500,000 high-quality images and 90,000 videos. Whether on a mobile device or computer, the app allows businesses to quickly create trackable professional-grade content and schedule to share it across channels.

To download a free version of The Small Business Owner’s Social Media Playbook visit:

 About Ripl
Ripl, Inc., a privately held software technology company based in Seattle, Washington, provides marketing software and premium subscription services to small businesses globally via its mobile and web applications. To learn more about Ripl, view tutorials, or receive support, visit or the Ripl Facebook Page.




Boone Helm
Curator for Ripl