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BARITAINER®: Tight Head Containers Manufactured by Mauser Packaging Solutions

Barrier Plastics


Mauser Packaging Solutions

Baritainers® are mono-layer Kortrax® and High-Density Polyethylene UN Rated Tight Heads manufactured by Mauser Packaging Solutions.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2021 / -- Baritainers® are mono-layer Kortrax® and High-Density Polyethylene UN Rated Tight Heads manufactured by Mauser Packaging Solutions. Baritainers® are a barrier container intended as a safe replacement for either fluorinated packaging or steel drums and tight heads.

Mauser Packaging Solutions has been selected by Barrier Plastics as the manufacturing partner to produce Baritainers®. Baritainers® are of a monolayer construction made with Kortrax® Barrier Resin and HDPE. The intended purpose of Baritainers® is the safe transportation of solvent based products such as agricultural chemicals, industrial chemicals, automotive additives, cleaning solvents and food products such as flavors, fragrances, and essential oils.

Baritainers® are a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to fluorinated plastic containers. Fluorine or fluorine compounds are not utilized when Kortrax® Barrier Resin is included within HDPE containers, and recent analysis has not identified any PFAS, PFOS compounds in containers or filling goods stored in Kortrax®/HDPE constructed packages aka Baritainers®. Kortrax® imparts the chemical resistance associated with a fluoropolymer treatment of HDPE containers and adds the benefit of oxygen, carbon dioxide
and water vapor permeation inhibition as well.

Baritainers® are FDA and EU compliant. And, unlike multi-layer EVOH containers which are recycle code 7, Baritainers® are classified as recycle code 2. ( And, with the increased cost and tight availability of lined steel tight heads, Baritainers® are an economical and readily available alternative. Thus, Baritainers® are not only human safe but also more sustainable than other alternative barrier container technologies.

“We are thrilled to be working with the Small Packaging Group of Mauser Packaging Solutions in supporting and expanding the Baritainer® tight head product line,” stated Kevin Callahan, COO of Barrier Plastics. “Currently we offer 4L, 5L, 10L, and 20L Baritainers®,” he added, “but, we are expanding to include 12L, 15L and other sizes and configurations that Mauser Packaging Solutions produces.”

“Mauser Packaging Solutions strives to provide customers, and the market, with innovative packaging solutions that reduce our mutual impact on the environment,” commented Mark Puchalla, Director Plastic Business Development Small Packaging Mauser Packaging Solutions. “This product was a fantastic addition to our portfolio to address our customers’ growing demand for barrier packaging that meets increasing sustainability and human safety requirements,” he added.

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