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The Patio Chic by Tara L. Paige Announces The First Ever The Patio Chic Conference: TPCCON

The Patio Chic

Tara L. Paige

The Patio Chic Conference will share entertaining tricks, exclusive industry must-haves, DIY hacks, and food & drink recipes.

SARASOTA, FL, USA, April 7, 2021 / -- Thanks to a mother of eight, Tara L. Paige, who is the Founder and CEO of the eminent lifestyle brand The Patio Chic, women will soon be able to indulge in the first TPCCON, virtually. As Tara says, the conference will be for Black Women Who Love Outdoor Living Spaces, a group which currently encapsulates over 215,000 participants. A prolific advocate of racial and ethnic equality, Paige has been featured in Forbes Magazine, shedding light on the racism and lack of diversity in the industry of home design media- detailing the unfortunate fact that black women are neither encouraged nor wanted to participate in such TV shows.  

In light of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent lockdown, Paige has  surprisingly managed to use the odds to her advantage and create both: a) ‘’The Black Women Who Love Outdoor Living Spaces” group, and b) The Patio Chic brand. Her optimistic and relentless attitude has undeniably served as a source of inspiration for a plethora of persons around the world and reminded them the importance of self-preservation and optimism during these adverse times.

“If you can’t find what you are looking for, create it”- Tara L. Paige

Paige has been featured in a variety of platforms, including: House Beautiful, Apartment Therapy, Good Morning Texas, GMA, Brides Magazine and more. Her facebook group has enabled hundreds of thousands of black women to break out of their cocoon and spread their wings into accepting and encouraging their creativity and individuality. A crucial element of a prolific number of black women’s lives, Paige’s eminent group has members from all walks of life. Albeit not a predominant share of the group, it is proud to also include members who have struggled with depression and anxiety in the past. The group’s ability to radiate an exceptionally high degree of love, acceptance and robustness on a daily basis is what has led to the rapid growth in new members.

During her time on Good Morning America, Tara Paige detailed the tragic fact that the aforementioned COVID-19 pandemic is not the only pandemic that black women in America have to deal with. In fact, they commonly undergo excessive discrimination on a daily basis. Thankfully, however, Paige’s group has served as an ‘irreplaceable friend’ to the prolific number of black women who have felt isolated because of the color of their skin during these unprecedented times. She has consciously ensured she focuses on the positive rather than the negative events around her in an attempt to inspire others to do the same. Her breathtaking energy has been categorized as ‘’breathtaking and contagious’’, and undeniably has provided a breath of fresh air during these highly-unfavourable times.

"The fact is, we are almost always portrayed negatively; I wanted to use my prolific voice in the media and illustrate the benefits of keeping a positive mindset’’- Tara L. Paige.

According to Tara L. Paige, it was actually her facebook group that inspired her to create and operate The Patio Chic- striving to expand her horizons even further and encapsulate a wider range of like-minded persons to bring together. She is now hosting the very first TPCCON The Patio Chic Conference, where she will share her entertaining tricks, DIY hacks, and exclusive food and drink recipes.

More About Tara L. Page: Tara L. Paige’s aforementioned ‘Black Women Who Love Outdoor Living Spaces’ group as well as her living lifestyle brand called ‘THE PATIO CHIC’, serves as a mentor figure to a prolific number of young, individualistic black women who are in need of guidance in today’s growingly divided America- giving them the space to post their personal patios and home decor spaces, as well as liaise with a plethora of similarly-minded persons in an accepting and affectionate environment. A prolific philanthropist, Paige has held a crucial role in the enablement of an immense amount of black women in the U.S., particularly in the unprecedented times of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Her Facebook group has now amassed over 218,000 members, and The Patio Chic brand has been the recipient of a significant amount of flavorful support.

Joining TPCCON:

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