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Artist KI Back At It, CEO of Jersey We Lit Records Releases Another Round of Catchy Hits and Continues to Mentor Youths

NEWARK, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, April 5, 2021 / -- The man behind the name KI Back At It and founder of Jersey We Lit Records, is AlTerik Finney. Finney grew up around Newark, New Jersey in the 1990s. When he first discovered music as a kid, the veterans like Naz and Jay Z were his favorites. They would heavily influence him as he began to use music as a creative outlet.

Finney would participate in street battles when he was younger. Free style rap battles where he could express his budding abilities. The thought of recording any of his lyrics, however, was something that simply seemed far out of reach at this point. Studio time, for recording back in those days, was entirely too expensive. For Finney, though, this was okay, he enjoyed the outlet that creating his music provided him and doing this as a career really wasn't a thought he was exploring at the time, not because it wasn't a dream, but because it seemed as though it would remain out of his reach.

During this time of his life, Finney also made some missteps as well, which he has been very transparent about. He found himself doing some time in jail after getting involved in some illegal activities. While there, he decided to use the time to do some self-reflection and growth. He didn't have access to pen and paper, so he developed the ability to memorize his lyrics without the need to write them down. He made the decision that once released, he would take his passion more seriously and also help others learn from the mistakes he made which landed him in jail. He has stood true to these promises every day since.

Once he started taking his art more seriously and releasing music under his artist’s name, KI Back At It, Finney has been constantly releasing music. In fact, he is even known as one of the most consistent artists in New Jersey. First, he started laying down tracks onto CDs and working with smaller artists and labels. This didn't provide an abundance of exposure due to the limitations of that medium. As the years progressed and the internet became more widely available to the average consumer and used by musicians, KI Back At It was also able to take advantage of this opportunity to move his platform online. He made the decision to invest in his own label, Jersey We Lit Records, and to bring his music to his fans via streaming.

Just as technology was advancing, so were Finney's skills. As soon as he decided to invest in the label, he mastered and perfected his own unique sound, which his fans have grown to love and recognize. Finney does all of his own recording, mixing, mastering, and creating songs using no pad. Growing to where he is now, he also shares his knowledge with others, with a keen interest shown in youths. Finney shares his knowledge of the recording industry with younger ones that have an interest. He is helping to keep youths in his community off the streets and out of trouble. While he mentors them, he also shares his story about how he has overcome adversity by choosing positivity and hard work over repeating the same bad choices and ending up back in jail. His example of being an entrepreneur and a positive beacon in his community are having an immensely far-reaching effect.

Finney is a father to three children, and he wants to work hard to give them a much easier life than he ever had. Though he still wants them to learn the values of working hard and overcoming adversity. Finney had a lot of advice for those who may have gone through a tough time. He stressed the importance of remaining positive. He believes that when you start to get depressed is when things start to fall into a place that is much harder to come back from. For those that have either been in jail previously or are trying to keep their life on a positive course in order to avoid it, there are many things that can be done. Having a mentor is one of the number one things a person can do. Having that big, constant positive influence in a person’s life works wonders to keep them on a good path. Finney is doing much to be an excellent mentor to the youths in his community.

How has he accomplished starting his own label and mentoring? He has done this by staying focused and determined. He is focused on his music. Music is not only his passion, but it is also his creative outlet; it is what keeps him sane when the world around him feels chaotic. He is determined to help others in any way he can and is especially focused on helping the younger ones because no one was there to help him when he was that age. Another quality that has helped Finney is humility. A common theme in his actions and his music is staying true to his roots. No matter how far his career may take him, he will never forget the journey that brought him there. Along with humility comes respect. Finney exudes respect and teaches those he mentors to have the same attitude of respect as well. Along with all of these is the mainstay of positivity that Finney is the ultimate example of. Any of those that he mentors are sure to have a bright future ahead of them.

KI Back At It has released numerous hits, with thousands of active listeners on the popular music streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music every month. He has been creating music for 10 years. His albums include titles like Destroy and Rebuild New Jersey, Getting to the Bag, Tricks or Treats, Signed to Myself, Just Getting Started, Addicted to Hip Hip, and East Coast Drill Music. His most popular songs on Spotify are: "Water", "Doubles", "Caught Up", "Reason You Be Hatin' ", "I Said Dance", "Suppose to Say", "Freestyle Drill", "Jersey Drill", "You Different", and "I'm With it". The song "I Said Dance" inspired a dance challenge in which videos poured in from fans who created their own unique dances to the catchy song.

What does the future look like for KI Back At It? He is busy, every day, being an excellent father and mentor. He wakes up at dawn to work incredibly hard in order to provide for his family. Then he spends hours in his creative space, letting his lyrics flow. He also always makes time for his mentoring, something the community is no doubt a better place because of. New music is constantly dropping on all major platforms so stay tuned. Finney was recently featured in Inspirery and Dotcom Magazine. For more information, visit

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