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Binging Streams and Socializing Just Got Easier With StreamParty

HOERENWEG, Germany, April 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Streams are the latest trending social ideas amongst the masses and thanks to communities like StreamParty, watching videos with friends or future friends all across the world on multiple services right on their website is so simple. Disney, Joyn, Netflix, Prime Video, etc. are just one click away. It's even helpful to promote all kinds of events because social media has emerged as a primary tool to promote all types of conferences, web seminars, fundraisers, or parties. Gone are the days when people plan and book a ticket in cinema halls to watch their favorite movie. As we are heading into the future, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney, Hotstar, etc., are taking over, and it's time-saving as well.

We can have a gala time with the family at home by using communities like StreamParty that allows watching video streams in sync with friends or future friends all across the world, on multiple services stated above, right on their website. While email remains the conventional promotion tool to reach a previous audience, social media is instrumental in promoting an event to the upcoming generation. Publicity in traditional media can elevate promotion on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and LinkedIn are considered some of the best social media networks for promoting all kinds of parties and events.

Facebook comes with the largest number of potential users, almost more than 1 billion families worldwide. It doesn't matter what event, party, or gathering; crowds of all kinds of genres are likely to be on Facebook. The event's main sponsors or parties can share content like photos, videos, and surveys to promote their business. The same goes for Twitter, Which is quite popular amongst event planners. Twitter is a quick way to gain an audience with hashtags, whereas LinkedIn helps promote business training, events, conferences, and recruitment. WhatsApp and Instagram, on the other hand, can be used for personal messaging as well as promoting events on a larger scale in addition to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. On these platforms, video streaming is the most welcoming area to catch the attention of the audience as well as socializing.

With the introduction of platforms like StreamParty, it became easier to

1. Keep videos synchronized

No more keeping videos in sync manually. StreamParty makes sure that the videos stay synchronized even with skipping or pausing.

2. Integrated Chat & Video Chat

StreamParty has an integrated (video-) chat that allows you to feel like you are in your living room.

3. A community for Video Addicts

StreamParty allows you to meet other people with similar interests by creating or joining one of the public StreamParties.

4. Discover Content

See what other people like to watch on StreamParty or simply what is new on your Streaming Services to find your next videos to binge with friends.

An online survey is an excellent opportunity to collect all the audience regarding their preference for the event topic and location. The promoters can create a dedicated Web page for the event, including event details, a registration form, and blog-related posts for frequent communication. On social media, continuously promote the event actively by announcing the remaining seats and sharing the videos. Showcase the opening and closing date of the event or party to catch the attention of the audience. Also, add some particular highlights of the event to reach out to the maximum audience.

Also, hashtags are considered the most appropriate way to interpret any upcoming event or party event manager scan. They can directly communicate with the participating audience and promoters using hashtags. Encourage attendees and speakers to mention the event through video streaming and share updates. By sharing event news with their followers, they'll help spread the word. Remind speakers that more attendees mean greater exposure for them. An innovative Facebook page or a LinkedIn group for showcasing the event streaming videos is an added boon. Post some relevant news about the event, including activities, sponsors, special guests, speakers, and the schedule.

After the event, ask attendees to share reviews about what they liked best and least, what they'd like to see next time, and what they didn't like by streaming online videos. That will make them more likely to return and share their positive experiences with their networks.


Social media marketing must have methods to excel in the business industry for events, gatherings, and all kinds of parties. A promotional campaign on social media networks by streaming videos will give hype about the event, attract the potential audience, and attract new attendees and preliminary information as the event approaches. It can also build your contact list for future events as well as help you socialize as much as possible.

Company: StreamParty