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10 Entrepreneurs Leading Their Industries In 2021

TORONTO, March 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Following the adversity of 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic: many companies have been forced to shut down, re-strategize, or even restructure their entire business model. This however leaves a huge gap in the market and provides many opportunities for savvy individuals to adapt to these changes and thrive in this challenging economy.

As we move into the new year, we are able to witness entrepreneurs provide innovative solutions to counter the negative economic setbacks and provide textbook examples of ingenuity and resiliency. In a time where uncertainty is higher than ever before, we have chosen to commemorate 10 entrepreneurs who are leading their industries in 2021 - as well as their advice for others who share the dream of becoming their own boss.

Here's the list of Top entrepreneurs leading their industries in 2021 by CaphIQ.

Kevin O’Leary
IG: @kevinolearytv

Kevin O’Leary is a Canadian businessman, author and television personality. Learning the pillars of key business and financial business insights from his mother carried him through years of obstacles, sacrifices and learning experiences. His first successful stint as a software company founder established him as a giant, and the company he founded was later acquired for more than $4 million. After another period of letdowns and obstacles, he found his way to television — making appearances on Discovery’s Project Earth, CBC’s Dragon’s Den and ABC’s Shark Tank. Kevin has since launched O’Leary Funds, an investment fund company; founded O’Leary Financial Group in 2014; and has a best-selling financial literacy book series.

Levon Movsessian

Levon Movsessian is a serial entrepreneur that specializes in blockchain consulting, real estate, marketing, jewellery manufacturing & animal charities. Levon’s journey began at a young age working as an animal expert at Reptilia Zoo; where he found not only his passion for working alongside wildlife, but also his determination for creating success in all of his business ventures. His work ethic quickly translated to entrepreneurial pursuits in the real estate industry, where he was simultaneously pairing his business with philanthropic efforts. Perhaps most notable for his contribution in the Blockchain/Cryptocurrency space, Levon founded an educational platform for spreading knowledge on the emerging industry and became a hub for companies to expand into Blockchain technology. After finding success financially, Levon revisited his love for the welfare of animals by partnering with multiple charities such as Speaking of Dogs Rescue and The Wildlife Conservation Network to raise money for global rescues and foundations. In 2021 at the age of only 27, Levon has become an inspirational figure to the younger generation by utilizing his social media to spread knowledge about Blockchain/Cryptocurrency while encouraging the youth to break away from social norms of security and complacency. Levon advises emerging entrepreneurs that “many think the reason they don’t find success is failure, but failure is the stepping-stone, whereas that feeling of content is the earthquake that destroys our path to success”. 

Albi Aziz

Albi Aziz, well known simply as “Aziz” within marketing and entertainment industries, is a Brand Strategist for Fortune500 companies around the world. After amassing an impressive resume in the marketing industry working alongside major Canadian and international agencies, Aziz decided to take a leap of faith and set his eyes on luxury brands in Dubai. In 2016, Aziz successfully made this transition and secured major clients such as Lamborghini and Ferrari; executing marketing activations that would solidify his reputation in the industry. Fast forward to 2021, Aziz is back in North America and holds the position of Head of Strategy at Limitless Creative – an experiential marketing agency based in Chicago, IL. Aziz has been able to capitalize on his success and has built himself an impressive roster of clients including Nike, Jordan, and Rakuten. Aziz’s journey is one of true entrepreneurship, stepping out of his comfort zone and breaking boundaries year after year. His advice for others is to “Always think about your audience as humans first. You have to connect your brand/product/service to human senses and what matters to their communities the most. The social and cultural sciences.”

Devon Hamilton

Devon Hamilton is a serial entrepreneur with over 10 years’ experience in the fashion industry. With extensive knowledge in technical design and brand development, Devon has been able to help business grow from $0 to $1.5million in revenue after just two months of operations. After working alongside multiple major fashion labels, Devon understood the strategies behind brands reaching their ultimate success. Motivated to work for himself rather than being an earner for someone else, Devon founded Hamilton Consult; a fashion and business consulting company that provides start-to-finish assistance for emerging brands. Hamilton Consult has since secured major clients such as Kino Clothing, for which Devon is actively designing new clothing lines and managing all aspects of production. Going into 2021, Devon plans on helping more brands reach their maximum potential and diversifying his portfolio into areas such as womenswear. His advice for others is to “find your passion and find a way to turn it into something more than just an idea and into your dream job”.

Mantas Ziukas

Mantas Ziukas is the co-founder of Beyond Health: a coaching program enabling clients to incorporate long-lasting lifestyle changes that are healthy and sustainable. This comes after a successful history of leading businesses. Mantas came to Canada in the summer of 2009 and started a construction business in 2011, The Royal Way LTD. Shortly after that in 2013, he began investing in real estate and other unique businesses,shaping him into a very experienced independent business owner. Mantas’s token of advice for entrepreneurs is “With every breakdown there are a thousand blessings. When you dream big, your problems are small and each problem always has a solution. Let's put our energy into solving problems instead of strengthening our excuses.”

Zohaib Aziz

Overcoming countless obstacles and exercising tenacity at its highest level, Zohaib Aziz is a personification of what it takes to be an entrepreneur in today’s day and age. Well known for founding and operating as Managing Director/CEO at Canada’s #1 recruitment firm Simplex HR, Zohaib has numerous business ventures in his portfolio including his latest endeavour HireSwipe – a Digital Recruitment Application which leverages machine learning models to revolutionize the hiring experience for candidates. After a successful battle against cancer, Zohaib has taken an interest to give back to the community via hosting the “It’s Simple” Podcast. It’s Simple highlights success stories of entrepreneurs and business owners with the mission to motivate individuals to create the future they dream of. Zohaib’s success story provides inspiration for all, and his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is that “The greatest businesses that exist today were not created on the yes and no’s of people. They were created by the passion and drive in the person and the mindset that they will make it!”

Dylan Robertson

Dylan Robertson is no stranger to being a leader. Beginning his career selling smart home technology door-to-door; for years he led, trained, and managed sales teams while setting industry high record sales numbers. Taking his talents to the world of entrepreneurship, Dylan is now the Co-Founder of Respira – a company focused on improving the health of indoor environments through a connection to nature. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Respira shifted their core focus from improving the health of indoor commercial office buildings to cater to the emerging need for remote workspaces. Their offering is innovative and adaptive; an air purifying smart garden that provides an unparalleled connection between the restorative natural world and your life indoors. Turning a challenge into an opportunity, Respira took advantage of the setbacks 2020 presented through hard work and determination and set out to change the way we live and interact with nature. Dylan admits although there are many current economic setbacks, This is the best time to start a business - while everyone is waiting, take action and drive innovation forward. The challenges and changes that are taking place right now, will be the best opportunity for groundbreaking innovation”.

Rocco Rago

Rocco Rago is a Toronto entrepreneur who alongside his brother , Roberto Rago founded UPPR MGMT with the mission to redefine the status quo of traditional barbershops. Coming from a hardworking entrepreneurial Italian family, Rocco was raised on the values of respect and love in which he incorporates into all of his business ventures. Gaining a thorough understanding of financial, organizational, and personal skills, Rocco exercises his knowledge through all walks of life. As a serial entrepreneur, Rocco applies the same mindset to all of his business pursuits including the IT, Cannabis,Cryptocurrency and hospitality industry, where he has also found success as the owner of multiple restaurants and lounges. Always operating with respect and class, Rocco’s mission is to not only bring his own dreams to fruition; but to help others along the way. To Rocco, success is not defined individually; rather he prefers to succeed with his family and loved ones to truly enjoy the aspects of life finances alone cannot provide. His advice for any aspiring entrepreneur is to “love what you do and who you do it with, because no one wants to be rich alone – it's boring”.

Nick Jongazma

Nick Jongazma is a Toronto entrepreneur and founder of ADZ World; a full-service advertising agency that offers various advertising solutions to its clients. From a young age Nick was faced with the reality that he had no rich parents, no assistance, and no handouts to fall back on, rather it would be his everyday hustle that would define his future path to success. Beginning a career in the radio/broadcasting industry working for Evanov Radio as an intern, Nick began to exercise his drive and climbed the corporate ladder to become an account manager - ultimately earning the Sales Rookie of the Year Award. Well aware of his skillset, in 2018 he quit his job and began his career as an entrepreneur launching his company ADZ World. With an already vast understanding of the radio industry, Nick decided to expand the scope of his services and turned ADZ World into a full-service advertising agency offering billboard, digital ads, print, branding, and graphic services. Today, ADZ World consists of several branches and a team of 8 creative individuals who continually work to improve and expand on their offerings. Nick's advice to entrepreneurs is to “view failure as merely the opportunity to begin again, this time more Intelligently. Never compare yourself and/or your journey with anyone else(s); if you do so then you are doing yourself an injustice”.

Nathan Levinson

Property Management’s most innovative leader Nathan Levinson is now reaching new levels of success in his career. He is the founder, president, and global director of Royal York Property Management, a leading property rental and leasing firm with a portfolio of over 10,000 properties under management, in Ontario alone. Since the company’s foundation in 2010, Nathan’s vision has been to expedite the leasing process for tenants and implement new technologies that focus on custom security and integration for managing properties effectively. With 28 office locations, Nathan has focused on ways to streamline the leasing and property management process, while guaranteeing rental income for property owners; leading one of the fastest-growing companies in property management.

Nathan is an entrepreneur who always thinks of ways to improve the industry. Planning to expand in 38 office locations across Europe and the Middle East, this young entrepreneur is creating a company that others may soon need to follow within the industry. “It's not only about going beyond boundaries, but also limiting expectations, or these preconceived ideas in business - in order to be successful, I would say, a strong mind-set and great appreciation of team-building, can lead any company into its fullest potential,” advises Nathan Levinson.

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