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All-Pro Tae Kwon Do Studio now offers in-home Martial Arts Classes

LOS GATOS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 26, 2021 / -- All-Pro Tae Kwon Do Studio now offers in-home classes for martial arts. 

The studio took this measure as a response to the on-going pandemic that has disrupted the health and fitness
industry and the entire economy.  While the studio has taken every precaution possible, there is
still a lot of skepticism in the population. People are simply too afraid to take the risk of getting
into social places such as gyms.  It is for this reason that Master Fanelli has started the home-
based training program. Under this program, individuals and families can schedule training
sessions at home, at a time of their convenience.

Besides the desire to lower the spread of COVID-19, the company understands that
market dynamics are changing. Since the pandemic started, work-from-home has
become the norm. This has also led to an explosion of online-based shopping. When it
comes to workout, technologies like those provided by Peloton are eliminating the need
for people to attend a physical gym. The result is that people no longer have many
reasons to leave home, especially with the pandemic still around. To adapt to these
changing dynamics, All-Pro has decided to start the in-home training program to keep
the business growing in line with changing social dynamics.

On top of the reasons above, the in-home training will help the studio achieve several
other goals. One of them is developing strong relationships with clients. One of All-Pro
Tae Kwon Do’s key selling points is its ability to take care of people of all ages’ training
needs. Everyone, from as young as three years to senior citizens over 70, can train with
All-Pro. By taking the in-home approach, the studio aims to strengthen its relationships
with its core clientele. For the senior citizens, such home-based classes give them a
chance to train at a comfortable work rate for their age. In a gym setup, it can be difficult
for a 70-year old to keep up with the training regimen of a 20 or 30-year-old. However,
when at home, they are at liberty to ask the trainer to slow down and make the training
friendly to someone of advanced age.  Similarly, a parent may have issues with leaving
a three-year-old kid to train with adults in a gym environment when it comes to very
young children. For such parents, home-based training is the perfect solution. Kids can
get all the training they need while within the safety of their homes.

The second goal is convenience to the clients. Besides offering the best training in
martial arts, All-Pro also aims to make its services as convenient as possible. It is for
this reason that it has trainers who are available at different times of the day. By
introducing the in-house training program, All-Pro wants to take this convenience to the
next level. That’s because clients do not have to drive to the studio. They can schedule
the training for periods that are most convenient to them. This has seen the uptake of
this program rise significantly, and it is expected to gain wider acceptance by the
company’s clientele.

For the in-home sessions, Master Fanelli is offering full-spectrum martial arts training.
Some of the training that will be offered include Tae Kwon Do (WTF), Boxing,
Kickboxing, self-defense, and kickboxing.  So far, the program is going quite well.
Customers that have taken the home-based program are already showing a positive
attitude towards it. The critical areas of positivity are in the friendly nature of the trainers
and their expertise in training. The studio aims to maintain these values as it expands
the in-home classes and makes them part of its core teaching methods.  

The adoption of the in-house program has a basis in the core ideals of Master Fanelli
and his team. In training for any form of martial arts, one of the core ideas is flexibility
and adaptability. That’s because, in a fight, the opponent is not static. They too, have
their ideas of how to attack; unless you are adaptive, you will likely lose the fight. Master
Fanelli takes the same approach in the business side of things. He understands that
when it comes to business, the same rules apply. In the current setup, the rules are
changing in favor of home-based living. As such, for him to win the game against the
markets, he has to be adaptive. His adaptability is not only helping his business grow,
but it is also a source of inspiration for his trainees. It forms part of why they need to
train with All-Pro if they are to gain the skills they need to become the best in their
martial arts technique of choice.

Master Fanelli is a firm believer in persistence. He always tells his students that they
have to be persistent and consistent for one to achieve their martial arts goals. There
are no shortcuts to reaching greatness in martial arts. He has applied this same
approach in business. The past year has been challenging for the health and fitness
industry, just like most other industries that rely on walk-ins to make money.
Nonetheless, Master Fanelli has been persistent and ensured that All-Pro sustains itself
all through the pandemic. The current push towards in-home training reflects his
persistence and the drive to get things done no matter what. All-Pro uses this
experience as part of its goal to help customers’ master martial arts and life itself.
All-Pro Tae Kwon Do is a martial arts studio. It offers a wide array of martial arts
services that range from Muay Thai to Boxing.  The studio is open six days a week but
now incorporates home-based training.

To learn more about their services, visit them at
15545 Los Gatos Blvd, Suite D. Los Gatos, CA 95032. You can also call them on (408)
358-6042, or check out their website on, visit All Pro Tae Kwon
Do on Yelp or view their current promotions on Groupon.

Master Andrew Fanelli
All-Pro Tae Kwon Do
+1 408-358-6042