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CloutHub responds to Big Tech hearings in Congress by cautioning lawmakers against empowering social media giants.

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 25, 2021 / -- In response to the March 25 Big Tech hearings in the House of Representatives, CloutHub, a next generation social media platform that strives to protect free speech and promote mental health, warned lawmakers not to pursue legislation that would grow the power of Big Tech.

"Big Tech has been a major problem for many years – and it's great to see that lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are taking this matter seriously,” said CloutHub founder Jeff Brain. “The problem, however, is that our politicians are divided about what to do next. While some propose regulations on Big Tech, others are pushing to give mainstream social media companies even more power to censor the American people.

“What America needs is a bipartisan effort to reform the flaws with Section 230, protect ordinary people from needless censorship and data theft, and foster the growth of alternative platforms like CloutHub that are seeking to change the tech sector for the better,” Brain continued.

Brain also lauded both Republicans and Democrats for examining the topic of mental health in social media, noting that CloutHub was built as a family-friendly digital platform that is healthy for its members.

“In Big Tech’s quest for profits, your mental health became irrelevant,” Brain explained. “Apps that were supposedly designed to make the world a better place became addiction mills and self-gratification factories, fueling the ongoing mental health crisis in America.”

CloutHub was officially launched in November 2020 and was built in consultation with mental health experts. The social media platform gives members full control over their digital experience, ensuring that CloutHub is a healthy place for productive civic engagement.

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Nikita Chirkov