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Mohammed Ali Rashid: “ENTEXS is improving the extraction process for the Cannabis industry”

DIAMOND SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 26, 2021 / -- While the cannabis industry has always had a strong market, over more recent years it seems like the sales of cannabis flowers are decreasing while the sales of oils are rising. People are finding new ways to enjoy cannabis, which means companies are going to have to find new ways of extraction.


Mohammed Ali Rashid and the team at ENTEXS are the premier source for modern cannabis extraction. They are continuously providing top-of-the-line technology services, as well as manufacturing, for the cannabis market. Mohammed Ali Rashid makes sure the company is on top of providing the best patent-pending technology the cannabis industry has ever seen.

ENTEXS is able to continuously meet the needs of the cannabis market with its hands-free technology. There is a continuous feed with a closed-loop system to increase productivity. This is how they are able to bring in a large quantity of premium cannabis on an industrial scale.

How Streamlining Extraction Is Helping The Cannabis Industry

In the state of Florida, all cannabis products must meet food-grade standards. This means that cannabis companies now have extra protocols in place to reduce contamination. While this is a good thing, it can slow down production. The CEO of ENTEX, Mohammed Ali Rashid decided to offer their services.
ENTEX has the right technology and engineering to help out with streamlining the extraction sector. This can really help the cannabis companies pass food-grade inspections because it cuts down on how often the product is exposed to the environment.

This was a great off to cannabis companies because the technology helped them cut down on labor costs and produce higher yields of premium products. Ali Rashad has mentioned that up-to-date technology is also able to produce a more consistent quality of cannabis as well.

Streamlining Extraction Is Consistently Growing

Those who are familiar with the cannabis industry are probably aware that streamlining extraction isn't exactly a new process. However, the technology behind it is always changing and upgrading to ensure the products are always up to standard. At ENTEXS, they are always finding innovative ways to improve their technology.

One of the best things about the ENTEXS machines is that they can be programmed for recurring routines, which completely limits the need for an operator. There are sensors in the system so the machine is capable of taking care of all minor adjustments needed. Mohammed Ali Rashid is confident that this technology will achieve the best results.

ENTEXS allows operators to have access to their technology 24 hours a day. No matter where the extraction process takes place, they can monitor it wherever they are. Even though this technology is meant to minimize the use of an operator, Mohammed Ali Rashid realizes that people still may have questions about operations.

This is why they are committed to making sure they communicate with their customers. The team at ENTEXS goes above and beyond to make sure their customers have everything they need in place. They are always available when support is needed.

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