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LaneAxis Expanding Scope and Depth of AXIS Token Use Cases

AXIS Token

AXIS Token

LaneAxis Network & FreightVISION

LaneAxis Network & FreightVISION

High-profile partners help LaneAxis further define its value capture

The AXIS Token and LaneAxis platform offer a solution to the dominance of the middlemen in trade finance, especially in the freight trucking industry.”
— Harsh Yadav, LaneAxis CTO

ORANGE COUNTY, CA, USA, March 24, 2021 / -- The LaneAxis Direct Network is taking off on multiple fronts. After successfully kicking off its StartEngine Campaign, LaneAxis is making great strides with the development of its blockchain and AXIS Token platform. In cooperation with its partners: Ledgerlink Labs, Kairon Labs, and Pixelplex, LaneAxis is fine-tuning its utility token design and the multiple functions it will serve within the LaneAxis transportation ecosystem.

“Qualifying as a utility token, the AXIS Token and LaneAxis platform offer a solution to the dominance of the middlemen in trade finance, especially in the freight trucking industry,” says Harsh Yadav, LaneAxis CTO. “By adding the crucial piece of a carefully designed blockchain architecture to our already established, working application, LaneAxis captures transactional and informational value by cutting out the middleman, and redistributes this value that normally gets eaten away by third-party services.”

The freight transportation industry, particularly in the United States, is characterized by the consolidation of power in bureaucratic, chaotic systems with as many gatekeepers as possible. Such third party dominance has been established over many years due to the profitable nature of it all for the middlemen – specifically freight brokers and third party logistics companies (3PLs). LaneAxis recognizes that much of the value that actually belongs to the real stakeholders is being lost to these often unscrupulous and opaque gatekeepers.

Below is a partial list of initial utility functions of the AXIS Token. LaneAxis will release our full token roadmap (“Tokenomics”) leading up to its official listing on major cryptocurrency exchanges in Q2’ of 2021.

• Incentivizing the Participants and Cost Economies

By automating the process and connecting shippers, carriers and drivers in a direct way, corporations will be able to organize their supply chains more efficiently and reduce overhead by cutting out unnecessary third party brokerages. This value will be used to incentivize the participants of the network to keep using the protocol. LaneAxis already put together a solid network of partners to keep its core participants incentivized. These incentives include rewarding drivers with AXIS Tokens for disclosing their live locations. By focusing on capturing and incentivizing the main users of the network, LaneAxis is creating a network effect where more and more drivers, carriers and shippers will want to join the system. A staking solution to add on top of this reward system is currently being designed. We' will bring you updates on this soon.

• Payment Mechanism

By using a built in-payment mechanism, driven by an internal stable coin design, payments to intermediaries are limited to the bare minimum. The best example of this is the fee of intermediaries such as credit card payment processors. By cutting these fees and using the built-in mechanism, money keeps flowing to the right recipients without losing any of these funds to third parties. The remaining (lower) fees that are required to run on-chain operations will be captured and redistributed to token holders, which could be the carriers, drivers or potential token buyers. You may think that carriers and shippers won’t want to touch something they’re not familiar with. We’re ready to tackle that issue with a simple to use interface that allows for straightforward and simple transactions. On the end-user's side, everything is denominated in their currency of choice, which is generally USD.

• Value of Collected Data and Information Economy

By going direct and capturing all critical information such as route information, delivery times, dock delays, and traffic congestions, LaneAxis will, over time, be able to put together one of the most valuable data sets the freight trucking industry has ever seen. LaneAxis will be able to map out the most efficient routes, and also score shippers, carriers and drivers in accordance with their performances. This information will be captured and summarized in easy to read formats. Participants will be able to make an inquiry to obtain certain summaries (e.g.: route information, carrier information…) in exchange for a fixed fee. Such datasets will have immense value for interested parties by empowering them to clearly and quickly evaluate their own supply chain efficiencies based on the solid data LaneAxis provides. Access to this data will be granted through the AXIS Token.

• Redistribution of Value

By cutting all the aforementioned third party fees and collecting some of the most valuable data sets from the freight trucking industry, true value can be captured and stored in the system. Said value could eventually be redistributed to the Stakeholders of the system by applying a dividend like model. Stakeholders will get a portion of the profits (proportional to their respective stake) redistributed in the form of AXIS Tokens. These redistributions mean investors will significantly grow their stake over time or, if needed, can liquidate their stake for a profit by exchanging the token for fiat currency.

• Future Decentralized Finance Applications

Adoption by users will come naturally due to the inherent cost savings, efficiencies and transparencies the LaneAxis ecosystem provides. In time, the captured data will enable the platform to develop flexible Decentralized Finance Applications such as investing in specific supply chains of participants. This offers a new way of seeing the actual value that goes through these supply chains and companies instead of speculating on stock that is mostly driven by market psychology. All of this will be possible through the AXIS Token.

“LaneAxis is working hard with our partners to deliver what we’ve promised,” says Rick Burnett, LaneAxis Founder & CEO. “Namely, a scalable, enterprise-grade logistics solution that delivers unprecedented business intelligence, security and transparency. By doing so, we strongly believe we will disrupt the freight trucking industry in ways never seen before.”

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