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Robert Flores, CEO of I sell Palm Coast Celebrates a Great First Year in Business

PALM COAST, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 22, 2021 / -- Robert Flores, the Chief Executive Officer of I Sell Palm Coast, is proudly celebrating his first year in business. Flores attributes his success to hard work and a determination to accomplish every goal he sets. In the past year, Flores has done so well for himself that he has earned a mention in the prestigious Dotcom Magazine, and an interview with Ideamensch. Crunchbase also ranks him as a top real estate entrepreneur. Featuring in these publications has significantly raised his business profile over the past year. He hopes to leverage his credibility to build his client base and help even more people buy the homes of their dreams hassle-free.

Flores Background
Flores is a native of Queens, New York, but his quest for opportunity led him to Flagler County in Florida. Here, he began his successful career in entrepreneurship, particularly in the real estate field. Before venturing into this field, Flores was a salesperson for the National Cellular Company. He quickly discovered that he had a talent in sales and sought to venture into business. He started a mortgage brokerage firm but pivoted to property management due to a drastic change in market dynamics.
This eventually led him to start the successful I Sell Palm Coast. Through this company, Flores has helped many families in Flagler County, Florida, acquire homes, and achieve financial freedom. Some of his successes over the past year are as below:

Helping First Time Home Buyers Finance Their Homes
Over the past year, Flores has helped many clients finance their dream homes. Robert brought all the experience he accumulated while working for other real estate companies to his company. He understands that buying a home is usually a complicated process, especially for first-time homebuyers. For this reason, he has set goals to simplify this process for all his clients.

Helping Clients Acquire Homes
Flores and his agents focus on finding clients suitable homes for their needs. After approaching a prospective client, they seek to understand their financial capabilities, needs, and capability to pay for a particular home. They then go ahead to find homes that are consistent with the client’s budget and needs. Palm Coast has a mix of homes, so Flores is always guaranteed to find homes suited for each client’s needs. Flores has been quite successful on this front. He has managed to find some good properties for most of his clients and has a lot more in his portfolio. This can only get better as he continues to build his base in the industry.

Enriched his Connections
Flores has not only been building business clients but also friends. He has amassed and documented extensive knowledge in real estate that he uses to cater to clients’ needs. Delivering on his promises has seen him create a comprehensive profile of friends who also double up as his clients and business connections. Thanks to his strong networks, Flores has managed to wade off competition in his jurisdiction and grow.

This success is not to say that Flores has not experienced challenges in his business. When he began, he had to face lots of uncertainties, including skepticism from his customers. However, he waded through them and got to where he is today as a respected player in Florida real estate market. In addition to start-up challenges, Flores also had to endure other challenges, such as the housing bubble burst that put many real estate companies out of business. While his competitors were falling apart, Flores leveraged his ability to adapt and innovate and remained afloat till the economy recovered.

Incorporated New Technologies
In Florida, and especially in Palm Coast, there are many real estate companies, all trying to take a share of the lucrative market. To beat them, Flores has taken the extra step of adopting new technologies in his business. He uses modern advertising and marketing strategies, including the use of social media and email marketing. These and other exploits in media and digital advertising have seen his company’s revenues grow all through the year. Flores asserts that business people should ensure that they spread the word about their businesses if they want to remain relevant in this ever-growing and dynamic system. He adds that one has to be very creative and sometimes tough to keep their businesses running.

In addition to creative marketing, Flores has always kept himself informed of all the market developments in Palm Coast, Florida. He constantly reads articles, magazines, and other real estate publications. He also attends numerous galas and conferences on the same. He is a go-getter when it comes to all matters of real estate hence his achievements. His aggressiveness has seen his company get many clients, most of whom have remained loyal and have been instrumental in bringing return businesses and referrals.

Flores believes that despite his company’s success in this sector, there is still a lot more in this market to accomplish and achieve. He will maintain his vision and aggressiveness to achieve even more. To learn more, visit

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