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CarGuard Trevor Smith Answers Questions About Vehicle Service Contracts

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, March 22, 2021 / -- The automobile is the lifeblood of commute, whether it be to a place of employment or for personal uses. One constant risk that is being run every time a vehicle takes to the road is the possibility of breakdown or part failure.

Though car manufacturers offer warranties against this possibility on newly produced cars, that support typically only lasts for a very limited amount of time. One option to further insure yourself against running into potentially high repair costs is to obtain a vehicle service contract.

Vehicle Service Contracts

One provider of such vehicle service contracts is CarGuard Administration. They are a company with a focus on offering an easy-to-understand pricing and service plan.

CarGuard Trevor Smith notes that these insurance policies are becoming more and more commonplace thanks to the rising necessity placed on the automobile. Even ignoring the costs, breaking down and having no easy access to transportation simply is not an option for many people.

Is a Vehicle Service Contract Needed?

In his line of work, CarGuard Trevor Smith has seen all manner of mechanical failings with factory-new vehicles. Despite being fresh off the production line, most new automobiles will only last for 3-6 years before requiring expensive maintenance or part replacement.

The vehicle protection plans offered by services like the CarGuard Administration are aimed to put automobile owners at ease. With these services, the coverage on the vehicle is extended by 5-10 years, covering all of the maintenance and repair costs.

Vehicle Service Contract Considerations

One warning that CarGuard Trevor Smith gives in relation to these contracts is the possibly unfavorable terms that are offered to the potential customer. The contracts are often fraught with pitfalls in the fine print.

Trustworthy vehicle service contracts offer more than just an illusionary safety blanket: they make a promise to both help the car owner uphold the maintenance of the vehicle and also help to cover the costs should there be any issue. Unfortunately, it's easy to get lost in a mire of confusing offers and labyrinthian contract documents. CarGuard Trevor Smith recommends doing thorough research on the service provider before committing to a choice.

As the CarGuard Administration rightly states on their website, and Smith himself references, the way that contracts are written can often only be understood with a legal background or the consultation of someone acquainted with reading those types of documents. The other concern with these contracts is the pricing plan. Those pricing plans can be arcane and difficult to decipher, especially when combined with the issue of a complicated contract.

What may seem to be a straightforward and fair insurance plan may end up having unexpected and brutal extra costs attached. Low-grade insurance providers often build in ways to offload the costs to the vehicle owner in order to maximize profit. CarGuard Trevor Smith offers a sobering perspective on the issue of these contracts. He points out that when dealing with a company offering these contracts, the focus should be on making the vehicle owner feel safe and secure.

Essentially, if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is. Vehicle service contracts can be a huge boon if automobile reliability is a primary concern, but clarity and transparency in the services rendered are of paramount importance.

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