How Discovery Academy’s Programs Effectively Help Troubled Teens

Discovery Academy works with students and parents experiencing "treatment fatigue."

Discovery Academy is different because we work with students and parents experiencing ‘treatment fatigue.’ Also, our top-notch residential living is considered a highlight.”
— Brent Hall, Executive Director

PROVO, UT, US, March 18, 2021 / -- At Discovery Academy, students receive the extra attention needed to recover from their challenges and thrive. Help may include therapeutic intervention, modified academic instruction, and around the clock supervision by qualified staff members.

Whether your teen struggles with Anxiety, Depression, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NLD), or other cognitive or therapeutic issues, Discovery Academy has experienced clinical and educational staff who are prepared to guide your teen to a successful future.

Many teens who come to Discovery Academy have multiple overlapping challenges that have made it difficult to succeed in a traditional school environment. Experienced clinicians work closely with certified teachers and residential staff. By working collaboratively, they can make sure that your teen's treatment goals and academic goals support each other. This support extends beyond the typical school day. Every aspect of your teen's daily living, from school to treatment to therapeutic recreational activities, will be designed to help your teen heal.

Therapeutic Boarding School with an Academic Focus
Discovery Academy specializes in helping troubled teen boys and girls who have not found success in traditional learning environments.

Discovery Academy is fully accredited. Students earn high school credits and are able to earn a high school diploma. Like traditional schools, therapeutic boarding schools offer classes taught by certified teachers. Unlike conventional schools, Discovery Academy focuses on healing while helping students learn. Teachers are trained to accommodate students' specific learning needs without sacrificing educational quality.

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, Discovery Academy creates individualized learning programs. Students begin learning based on their current levels of mastery in each subject. Teachers guide students through the learning process at a pace that works best for each teen's unique learning needs. Teachers and clinicians work closely together. Most often, as teens recover therapeutically, they also make progress academically. When the issues holding teens back in school are accommodated or resolved, they can rediscover their love to learn.

Most Discovery Academy graduates have gone on to find success in the workforce or enter other educational programs.

Therapeutic Boarding School for Boys
The therapeutic boarding schools for boys program helps boys build healthy relationships, respect, and responsibility. This is done through a combination of therapy, residential living, and academic strategies that help boys identify and develop their strengths.

Mentoring is an essential part of the Discovery Academy experience. Boys share residential, academic, and therapeutic activities with mentors who teach by example. For some of our students, this is their first opportunity to have an appropriate, healthy relationship with a male role model. Mentors are able to show Discovery Academy boys that being a man means much more than just being bigger or stronger than others. Indeed mentors demonstrate emotional honesty, responsibility, and respect. Students are inspired to be better men themselves.

The academic program is tailored to each boy's unique learning needs. Indeed Discovery Academy challenges students to meet their own learning goals, not just to keep up with their classmates. As a result of a customized approach to education, we are able to meet a variety of needs. Furthermore, boys have the opportunity to participate in drama, music, and art therapy. Any boy who wants to participate is eligible for our community recreation basketball, flag football, soccer, and softball teams.

Therapeutic Boarding School for Girls
The therapeutic boarding schools for girls program is tailored to deal with your daughter's particular difficulties and needs—specific issues like self-confidence, relationships, and building trust, to name a few. The program is here to help girls find healthy ways to learn and interact. When girls are ready, carefully supervised joint activities with our boys’ program can help girls transition to a less-structured environment at home.

All girls participate in individual therapy and therapy in groups. Girls work one-on-one with therapists to deal with personal trials. They then live and work socially to learn strategies for lifelong success. By not just talking through their feelings but living them, girls can discover for themselves the power to engage with their family, their feelings, and their future.

Discovery Academy helps girls establish their academic identity in single-gender classrooms. There are no boys and no distractions! Our one-on-one learning model is ideal for students who may have struggled in school or girls who need a more challenging curriculum. If they choose, girls may also participate in sports that include basketball, volleyball, soccer, and softball. They may choose from drama, dance, music, and visual arts.

The campus provides a safe environment for girls to learn. The staff provides supervision and emotional support for each student, allowing girls to explore who they are and learn without giving up.

Residential Living
When considering the arena of adolescent therapy, the most effective programs are ones that are immersive and work to create a healing environment that sustains even after the participant leaves therapy. Discovery Academy believes that this healing process takes place in every aspect of the program itself, including the crucial residential environment. We understand that treatment begins at that basic level.

Residential life for our program is a constant, enriching experience. Our girl’s program is housed in our living and learning center and the boy’s program is in our original campus building. Participants live in assigned dorms with four students to a room. Daily life is full of activities, chores, and other purposeful responsibilities. Each staff member that our participants interact with are privy to the therapeutic experience, making them vital members of your teen’s treatment plan. We work to develop strong and personable relationships between participants and with the staff. Our Student Service Coordinator ensures the well-being of your teen both physically and spiritually by providing proper clothing and hygiene items, and by making it a point to celebrate birthdays and other important events in your teen’s stay with us.

Campus Atmosphere
The atmosphere on campus is conducive to the therapeutic experience, while also providing an enriching and enjoyable experience for your teen. Common areas are set up to be spacious and comfortable; perfect environments to foster future friendships. Each program has its own academic spaces. Both common and academic areas are program-specific, meaning the boys’ areas are separate from the girls’. Discovery Academy also has a music studio and fitness room housed in the same building. Our grounds consist of a sports field and basketball court allowing participants the opportunity for physical activity and growth. Discovery Academy offers cafeteria-style dining for meals. Our boy’s and girl’s programs are set up so that they have alternating schedules for meals and other shared spaced activities while allowing for some appropriate co-ed interaction at other times.

Daily Life
Participants at Discovery Academy have a full schedule, with plenty of activities and responsibilities designed to keep them moving toward meaningful treatment goals. A wide variety of chores are assigned which include wiping dining tables, sweeping floors, folding personal laundry, vacuuming, wiping desks, cleaning and organizing closets and sleeping areas, and cleaning bathrooms. Chores are conducted first thing in the morning with the purpose of teaching students the valuable lesson of responsibility and accountability. Physical education classes are also set up in the morning helping our teens to feel energized for the coming day’s activities. Therapy, both individually and group, takes up a good portion of the morning. Each participant’s therapy schedule is tailored to his or her personal needs. After therapy, school is held in the afternoon/evening hours as research has shown that students perform better educationally later in the day. Free time is allotted for evenings and weekends.

New environments can be a difficult transition for teens. Discovery Academy seeks to make that transition as smooth as possible. Each participant is assigned a residential mentor that acts as an advocate for healing and growth. These mentors supervise student activities and work closely alongside teens in therapy groups, in the classroom, during recreational time, and throughout the student residences. Mentors are there to alleviate conflict and to give participants the tools to process emotions and to improve upon improper behaviors. Discovery Academy students develop healthy relationships, learning to trust in those of authority. We want to ensure that participants have a safe space to grow; our mentors are there for your teen to turn to for emotional support or academic needs. Even if our participants just need someone to talk to, mentors are there for those needs as well.

The goal of any therapy is to create a type for future real-world experiences and our mentors help to bridge the gap between treatment center life and home life. Teens leave Discovery Academy with the necessary tools to succeed in future endeavors.

Emphasis on Community
With the close encounter of so many troubled teens together, it might seem like an environment that would be difficult to foster any sense of community, but Discovery Academy has found that to be the opposite case. Residential life is founded on the basis of community. Residents learn how to develop appropriate relationships, learning responsibility and building confidence along the way. Our students are divided into small groups based on shared diagnoses, special interests, or therapeutically advantageous traits. These groups become the core of each participant’s community, acting as a family unit. Placing teens in such communities help them to develop individually while also learning how they fit into the world around them. Daily meetings are held with each community and with individual residence halls to ensure that each environment is remaining conducive to the therapy experience. Conflicts are resolved, emotions are expressed, and communities learn the valuable lesson of communication when living and dealing with a variety of personalities. Participants are encouraged to address issues that arise in their communities before staff intervention. Having this open communication provides the proper environment for our Discovery Academy students to learn responsibility and to understand that the community has the chance to build up the individual as much as the individual has the means to uplift the community.

Co-Ed opportunities
Boys and girls attend school and dine in separate sessions. However, our unique campus allows us to combine both programs when appropriate and under closely supervised conditions. For example, the entire student body participates in our parent seminar theater production, community service projects, student government, and extra-curricular clubs. These co-ed learning experiences prepare our students to return home by giving them the opportunities to practice appropriate social skills.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities
Most teens who come to Discovery Academy have multiple challenges that have made it difficult for them to learn in traditional school settings. These challenges may include mental health, anxiety, school avoidance, depression, processing, and executive functioning issues. Because of these issues, many have fallen behind in credits. We are designed to help students get back on track or accelerate by providing credit recovery classes, regular classes, honors, and AP classes.

Student-teacher relationships are important to us, so we keep classes small so that each student’s particular needs will be met by a qualified teacher in each classroom. Academic and clinical staff work together to support therapeutic goals, which in turn helps students be academically successful.

Blended Learning Instructional Model
Discovery Academy is competency-based, meaning that students must pass all assignments, quizzes, and tests with 80% proficiency before moving on to the next concept. Because students come and go at different times, we use a blended learning model to meet each student where they are at.

Students begin a course at the beginning and move through the curriculum with the support of teachers and student advisors. There are no semesters or summer vacations to determine when a student is finished learning. Since school is year-round, students earn on average 1.5 years of credit and improve their GPA.

Blended learning is a mix of digital curriculum and direct teacher instruction that allows for students to progress at their own individualized pace. Student advisors monitor work to make sure that each student is progressing at an appropriate rate. The individualized academic approach removes the pressure that students may feel about competing with other students.

Students Learn How to Learn
Throughout the treatment process, your student will begin to experience success in education. With this success comes the desire for more learning and that feeling of success. Many former Discovery Academy students have progressed to find employment after graduation or been accepted into colleges and universities. Your student will have the opportunity to grow, learn and experience success as our former students have.

How Will Parents Be Involved?
At Discovery Academy, you’ll also be directly involved in your teen's recovery process. You will participate in treatment team meetings. In these meetings, you will work collaboratively with your teen's therapist, teachers, and other staff members. Together, you’ll help to create strategies that will help your teen progress therapeutically and academically.

You will be able to monitor your teen's progress via the Parent Portal. The information provided on the Parent Portal is accessible only to parents.

As a parent, you will also be invited to parent seminars. These seminars are held twice a year. They provide an educational opportunity for parents. They’re also an opportunity to meet face-to-face with your teen's treatment team. Typically, parent seminars also include performances by the teens that showcase teens' newfound confidence and abilities.

What Happens After Students Graduate?
No matter how stable your family is, your teen will experience challenges adjusting to life at home. It's important to have a plan before your teen returns home.

The issues that troubled your teen before treatment may reoccur once they return home. That is why Discovery Academy offers aftercare to all of our students. The aftercare program is a 12-week curriculum that combines weekly conference calls from the Discovery Academy professionals with treatment using a therapist in your local community.

During treatment, the professionals at Discovery Academy will have come to know your family. They’ll have an understanding of your family's strengths and vulnerabilities. they’ll be prepared to provide your family with the aftercare services you need directly in your own home.

Discovery Academy Can Show You the Kind of Help Your Teen Needs
Discovery Academy understands that every teen has different strengths and faces different challenges. The school uses research to help create an individualized treatment plan for each teen.

One of our most important research tools is a clinically normed and validated assessment designed to analyze healthy adolescent functioning. After you complete the evaluation, you will better understand areas where your daughter or son is thriving and struggling. Taking the evaluation does not represent any obligation.

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