Advantage Communications, Inc. Remembers the Past and Reboots for the Future: A Brand-New Day for Advertising

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Marc Perry, President, ACI

ACI Team with Marc and Perry Perry and Mike Steele

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Multicultural Advertising in the era of #BlackLivesMatter

Advantage Communications gets results for socially conscious companies that want a high return on investment on their multicultural marketing.”
— Marc Perry
DETROIT, MI, USA , March 16, 2021 / -- A new day dawns for Advantage Communications Inc. (ACI) under the leadership of CEO, Marc Perry. With over three decades of experience, this Detroit native reboots the award-winning agency for a new season of partnerships between the business community and its patrons. Perry, a celebrated ad man, takes the helm with the goal of infusing the social narrative with culturally relevant campaigns. This Eastern Michigan University alum keeps his finger on the pulse of the nation, while honing a discerning eye to the future, casts the road forward for each promotion. Perry’s unparalleled ability to blend the needs of a brand with the heart of an underserved community, are a groundbreaking approach to advertising. His proven methods help “clients to increase their investment and make a social impact that changes lives."

In the wake of founder Michael Steele’s untimely passing last year, the curated Advantage Communications team is taking the company to new heights. Steele was a torchbearer for this generation, leading the way for African Americans in the advertising business. In fact, Michael Steele was more than a founder — he was a trusted friend. For over 30 years, Mike and Marc shared a special bond. In those years, Mike poured out the lessons he learned from his travels to Africa, his days on the basketball court, and his years crafting winning Coca Cola campaigns.

Mike was one of a kind — always the first man through the door. He broke through stereotypes with a little start-up called ACI. His bright ideas and creative nature only superseded his towering presence. At 6-foot-5 inches tall, Mike stood head and shoulders above most people, but he always had time to bring others up under the warm shadow of his greatness. Drawing on his days on the basketball courts of Western Michigan University, Mike knew how to build a top-notch team. So, with mustard seed faith, the Arkansas-based company grew to become an award-winning agency with clients like Verizon, Hope Credit Union, GM, and Pfizer. No matter the campaign, Mike always tackled the problem with Christian principles and a heart to reach people with a dynamic pitch.

According to Vice President Pam Perry, these two industry giants shared the same core value. Both ascribed to the “Golden Rule” which is the principle of treating others as you want to be treated. “Mike and Marc both cared so much about bringing others along in the advertising industry and opening doors. Mike used magical marketing methodologies, and Marc always admired Mike’s work ethic and the way he delivered amazing results for his clients. They’re a lot alike,” says Pam.

Mike may be gone, but his forward-thinking leadership style left behind a stalwart team with good bones. As a nod to his legacy, Advantage Communications will move forward under his guiding principles of integrity and fair play. Steele, a forerunner in the ad industry, changed the game for people of color by giving them a voice and a much-needed seat at the table. His work to see positive multicultural images and diversity is woven into the fabric of every campaign continues.

At ACI, his dedicated team creates socially aware campaigns representing the Black and brown experience, all while telling the true American story. ACI reaches its customer base through 4 pillars of communication: branding, advertising, digital marketing, and public relations.

With the blessing and gracious support of Mike’s wife, Evangeline Steele, Perry and the ACI team look to a new day in branding, where forward thinking businesses partner with local communities to find solutions for social ills that will also equal ROI for their clients. “Advantage Communications gets results for socially conscious companies that want a high return on investment on their multicultural marketing,” said Perry.

Advantage Communications is the great connector, matching nonprofits with resources to fund community-centered programs, such as youth empowerment programs and entrepreneurship, while shining light on social issues like health disparity. “America needs to unite with one goal in mind, to see our brother as our equal and help when needed. We are a community of believers in the resilience of the American spirit, and the strength of the African American journey, showing that diversity in an advertising campaign can only widen its appeal and strengthen the core values of the participating company. We can all rise together,” said Perry.

Diversity in advertising is like a many-colored quilt, where every square has a purpose and a story. Advantage Communications tells interesting tales in a way that stirs the soul and shakes the conscience. “In this pivotal moment, ACI brings a clean sheet of paper with ideas in a time of social unrest, to solve the problem of how our country sees itself,” said Perry. Through diverse, targeted campaigns, this team of creatives visually shapes a new narrative where they express the principles of fairness, equality, and thought-provoking innovation.

Today, the United States has an image problem, but Advantage Communications positions itself to solve that national branding issue by using the tested principles of marketing to navigate today’s marketplace. Using campaigns that are direct, purposeful, and crafted for maximum impact, ACI aims to change the world for the better, one ad at a time.

It is with these goals in mind that ACI moves forward, remembering their founder, while embracing the future. Michael Steele, a star basketball player, was a Hall of Famer in every sense of the word, and in this gesture to his enduring legacy, Perry and the Advantage Communications team are taking the ball to the hoop for a new day in socially relevant advertising.

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