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Frank Swiger Ohio Recommends Companies Bringing Employees Back To The Office Do These 5 Things

Frank Swiger Ohio Recommended Companies Bringing Employees Back To The Office Do These 5 Things

HERMOSA BEACH, CA, UNITED STATES , March 15, 2021 / -- Some companies have started to bring employees back to offices, and many more are beginning to lay out plans for how they might operate after the COVID-19 pandemic is brought under control. Serial entrepreneur Frank Swiger Ohio believes it’s smart for companies to start planning as soon as possible, but also notes that planning doesn’t require immediate action.

“Companies should start planning to bring back employees,” Frank Swiger Ohio says, “but that doesn’t mean you have to bring them back right away. With vaccines just starting to roll out, it’s better to wait until as many employees as possible are vaccinated. This is especially true if your staff can continue to work remotely. Still, planning now means you’ll be more prepared when the time is right.”

Frank Swiger Ohio argues that safety must come first. Before bringing employees back, it’s important to provide sick days and to develop plans to encourage employees who are feeling ill to stay home. This may involve a cultural change for many companies.

“In the past, it was common for employees to work through being sick,” Frank Swiger Ohio notes, “and often, their bosses would encourage them to do so. Going forward, companies should avoid that, especially if an employee is feeling a bit under the weather but can still contribute from home.”

With this in mind, Frank Swiger Ohio says a major part of your plan to bring employees back should still focus on remote work.

“Remote work should remain an option at least for the next several months, if not permanently,” Frank Swiger Ohio says. “To start, consider only bringing employees in for essential meetings and other occasions. If someone is sick or worried, they may have been exposed to a bad germ, encourage them to stay home and offer them the remote work options to succeed while at home if they’d rather not use sick days.”

Frank Swiger Ohio Discusses Safety At The Office

As employees come back, they should be provided with the materials they need to stay safe, Frank Swiger Ohio points out. This includes masks, hand sanitizers, and more. These materials were in short supply for a while but are now obtainable. Prices may still be higher than normal, but companies need to invest in their employees’ safety.

“Hand sanitizers should be available pretty much everywhere around your office,” Frank Swiger Ohio argues. “Consider providing water-less hand sanitizers that employees can keep at their desks so they can wash their hands as needed.”

It’s also smart to bring back different teams at a time and to set up schedules to reduce unneeded contact between teams. Doing so could slow the spread of germs and prevent large portions of your company from falling ill.

“Maybe on Monday you bring in the marketing team so they can work together and sort things out, then on Tuesday the sales team comes in, on Wednesday, the engineering and product development team comes in,” Frank Swiger Ohio suggests. “The rest of the week, teams can work from home.”

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