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SAS: Top 10 Female Fitness Coaches That Can Elevate Your Life In 2021

Top 10 Female Fitness Coaches

/EIN News/ -- NEW YORK, March 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The world of Online Fitness is starting to become largely predominant in the current age of this pandemic. The ever-evolving industry is constantly introducing new trends, strategies and methods to increase our health, fitness and wellness.

According to Social Aim Solutions, there is a simple and effective way for those looking to capitalize on this pandemic to stay informed with what’s working. Keeping up with the strongest fitness professionals will give your health the advantage it needs during times like this.

However, as the online fitness arena is highly saturated, identifying true experts from the crowd can be a difficult task. To make things easier to navigate, we have compiled the following list:

1.   Elise Constable (@elise_eliteperformance)

Elise Constable is the founder of Elite Performance and soon launching My Meal Solution. A holistic health and fitness business that helps individuals make lifelong sustainable changes to their health and body composition by providing individualized nutrition and training plans, built around the individual’s lifestyle. Elise has a proven track record of client results and is a Co-active coach. She focuses on the whole person and picture (lifestyle, nutrition, training, sleep, stress) which enables her to create plans that allow Individuals to develop sustainability and adherence and give them their personal power back by developing their confidence and knowledge around nutrition and training, in turn giving them the results they’re after. If you are looking to elevate your health, visit her website where she accepts clients.

2.   Dasha Agoulnik (@dashafitness)

It takes guts to perform which is why Dasha Agoulnik focuses on gut health to optimize metabolic and digestive health. Dasha is a registered dietitian, 4x published nutrition researcher, and 2x award-winning bikini athlete. She applied her advanced degrees to create a 100% evidence-based protocol to reduce bloat and identify food sensitivities. CorePerform has helped over 300 people (and growing) get results in just 3 months. Check out her website for anti-inflammatory recipes that have helped her clients take control of their health and her early access to CorePerform's optimized protein powder. CorePerform Protein Powder is a plant-based protein made for digestion with only 3 ingredients. It’s your time to grow guts and take control of your body.

3.   Seema Carolina Rocha (@architectgoddess)

Seema Carolina Rocha is a Health and Wellness Coach and the founder of Sunlight Nutrition, Inc. Her priority is to help people who want to create a connection with our planet by consuming organic, sustainable, non-GMO foods. She supports those wanting to change the way they eat by changing the way they live. Seema is passionate about her 30 Day Gut Reset program which nourishes our bodies with superfoods directly from the source. She believes that the human body has the capability to repair and be deeply nourished when we give it the right FOOD. Seema has guided hundreds of clients to experience improved digestion, rejuvenating sleep and a level of energy that might have not been experienced in years. As a former Architect, “One day she looked around and saw people building their bodies eating and drinking foods that were polluted…and that needed to change,” Seema said. “So she decided to be the change.” The philosophy that guides her culture is based on seeing the greatness in all beings & up-levelling ourselves. Seema has led hundreds of people to transition from the American Standard Diet to nourishing and detoxify their bodies with vegan protein, fruits, vegetables and gut repair so they can jumpstart their transformation!

4.   Meagan Hamilton (@meagan_hamilton)

Meagan Hamilton is the co-founder of Hybralete Fitness alongside her husband Michael Hamilton. Meagan and her team of online coaches focus on lifestyle clients, bodybuilding contest preparation, routine posing for bodybuilding, athletic training, and specialize in transforming people’s body and mind. Meagan takes a holistic approach and focuses on helping her clients become their healthiest and happiest self both physically and mentally through her online coaching services that offer both nutrition and training guidance/accountability. Meagan has helped transform hundreds of people’s lives, from completely reversing type II diabetes, helping several women recover from amenorrhea, helping clients lose over 100 lbs, as well as coaching several competitors to winning 1st place and overall titles in bodybuilding. Although Meagan and her team are online coaches, they focus on tailoring ALL training programs and nutrition to the clients’ goals, abilities, and interests, along with full one on one interaction with the clients on a daily basis. Meagan has also created a community and family within Hybralete Fitness, where all the coaches and their clients are consistently connecting and supporting one another no matter where they live in the world. If becoming a part of a community where health and wellness are a number one priority, visit her website

5.   Jessica Vieras (@jessica.vieraa)

Jessica Viera’s origin is rooted in the limelight of bodybuilding performance, an origin that was an equal part achievement and equal part hardship. Truth be told bodybuilding and nursing was a lifeline. Competing gave Jessica purpose, direction, stamina, a competitive edge, confidence and added to her already built resilience and tenacity. It was great being a “FITSPO INSTAGRAMMER”. The thousands of followers, The sponsorships, The praise for her aesthetic. The name that people ‘ONCE’ knew. For 3 years Jessica wanted to be known by EVERYONE for all the wrong reasons. She wanted people to praise how dedicated she was to dieting and training. Until Jessica’s childhood pain and trauma was raised to the surface and everything suddenly changed. At this point, Jess Hung up her heels, and she started to show up without seeking praise or validation from others. She Stopped being an ‘INFLUENCER’ and started pursuing being a BUSINESSWOMAN, with a passion to help others in the fitness industry and online space gain the skills and guidance needed to start to scale their small business, put down their stress and start living a more fulfilled life.

6.   Ashley Clarke (@ashley___clark)

Ashley Clarke is a Certified Online Trainer, Lifestyle & Fitness Coach.

She solves the problems of women who are sick of dieting, restriction & rebound weight gain offering practical & easy to apply methods that are sustainable long term. Inside her 8 Week Lifestyle program, which is largely geared towards developing strong character traits & core values, she teaches women that true lasting change comes from the inside. She understands that if she can’t change the way someone thinks, their result is likely to be temporary & over an 8-week period places a huge emphasis on developing their mindset & building new habits. Her goal is to put clients on the right path to results, build self-awareness & teach women to listen to what their body really needs while making fitness & eating healthy fun & achievable. As well as a training program, LIVE workouts, nutrition education, recipe eBooks, an online community, mindset coaching & goal setting, she offers around the clock 1-1 accountability & support leaving minimal room for error, something that sets her apart from traditional fitness programs. Her proven hands-on method has taken the confusion out of health & fitness while providing the support, routine, consistency & structure to enable women to lose fat, gain body confidence & completely upgrade their lifestyle.

7.   Danielle Ruban (@danielleruban)

Danielle Ruban is the creator of “The Fit Mind N’ Body Breakthrough” - A 12 Week Program designed to empower overwhelmed Leaders and Moms to regain control of their bodies and achieve sustainable results with their fitness and weight loss with ease. Danielle and her team at Danielle Ruban Coaching take a holistic, customized approach towards every client which includes diagnosing overall lifestyle, providing nutrition and training protocols to address unique factors including digestive, gut health and hormonal concerns. Danielle has over 12 years of coaching experience within the Health and Fitness Industry. She is a retired, top-ranked IFBB Professional Fitness Athlete who has graced the most prestigious stages in the world including two Olympias and several Miss Fitness Internationals. Danielle Ruban states, “The long term success of my client’s experience is largely due to the mindset component included in my coaching programs.”

8.   Jen Cuaresma (@tinyfitjen)

Jen Cuaresma is the co-founder of Healthletic Coaching where she helps working women, moms and healthcare professionals from all around the globe lose body fat sustainably without giving up the food they love. Jen is a licensed nurse & certified ISSA fitness nutrition coach who focuses on educating her clients about nutrition, fitness, healthy habits and a positive mindset. Jen is known for her individualized coaching style and flexible approach to food. “It’s important for me to understand my client's needs and goals so that I can provide them with the right tools and resources they need to achieve and sustain their results.” Even during the lockdown, Jen worked with hundreds of women who felt overwhelmed and uncomfortable in their own skin, helping them become empowered and confident both physically and mentally.

9.   Fate Villas (@fatevifit)

Fate Villas is the founder of Fit with Fate - an online coaching program created to help others not only achieve their fitness goals but shape them to become their “best self.” What makes this different is that Fate preaches that you can be healthy on the outside but if you’re not healthy within, then you’re not truly healthy. She preaches about the mind, body and soul connection and using fitness not only to see physical results but to elevate your life in all aspects. Fate is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is also a USA qualified bodybuilder. She creates individualized programs designed to help you lose weight and build muscle, in addition to teaching you how to build self-love, mental strength and other life-changing habits. If you are ready to become your best self through fitness, visit her website and she accepts clients per application.

10.   Matou Rudzki (@matourudzki)

Matou is a qualified personal trainer and the founder of MATOU FITNESS. Originally from France, she moved to Australia 6 years ago.

Passionate about health and wellness, she has inspired numerous men & women to start their fitness journey. Matou offers an inspirational approach to training, by coaching, educating and nurturing her clients through the implementation of realistic yet sustainable lifestyle changes. Her high energy and eternal positivity inspires her clients to not just participate but to enjoy exercise. Matou offers online customized coaching programs for her clients to use at home or in the gym along with nutritional advice, weekly enhancements, continuous support and guidance. Matou gives 120% to her work, she provides consistent motivation and prides herself on her authenticity which makes her relatable. Four years ago, Matou started her own fitness journey and transformed both her mental and physical health and lost 15kg in the process. This gave her the confidence and clarity to embark on her fitness career.

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Top 10 Female Fitness Coaches That Can Elevate Your Life In 2021

New York City, New York -- The world of Online Fitness is starting to become largely predominant in the current age of this pandemic. The ever-evolving industry is constantly introducing new trends, strategies and methods to increase our health, fitness and wellness. According to Social Aim Solutions, there is a simple and effective way for those looking to capitalize on this pandemic to stay informed with what’s working. Keeping up with the strongest fitness professionals will give your health the advantage it needs during times like this.