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Dr. David Greene and R3 Stem Cell Builds Success Stories With Regenerative Medicine:

Dr. David Greene and R3 Stem Cell Builds Success Stories With Regenerative Medicine

Dr. David Greene and R3 Stem Cell Builds Success Stories With Regenerative Medicine

R3 Stem Cell has been offering Stem Cell Therapy for a decade, with over 16,000 procedures.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, March 15, 2021 / -- The popularity of regenerative medical therapies has been increasing daily. People are getting tired of surgical options and they love the new trend towards a natural recovery. The surgical procedures may provide instant relief but are often not proven to offer long-lasting effects.

There is a dire need to inform people about viable “non-surgical” options that exist. If you can achieve a non-surgical, natural recovery, then why would individuals continue to entertain undergoing painful, risky procedures?

R3 Stem Cell has been offering Stem Cell Therapy for a decade, with over 16,000 procedures. Dr. David Greene is the founder and pioneer of introducing R3 Stem Cell globally. His vision behind R3 Stem Cell has included providing this natural option to treat over 82 diseases.

Dr. David Lawrence Greene is a retired orthopedic surgeon with a business mind approach. The idea of introducing R3 popped up in his mind during his education at Arizona State University’s WP Carey School of Business. After accomplishing his MBA, he was able to refine the R3 Stem Cell as an evolutionary project globally. Dr. Greene has written two books on Internet Healthcare Marketing that are available on Amazon.

The concept behind “R3” is as follows;
· Regenerate
· Repair
· Rejuvenate

Stem Cells can differentiate according to the needs and requirements of the injured area. They have self-renewal capacity, can prohibit cell death, can replace dead cells or tissues naturally. Stem Cells offer long-term effects and provide “non-surgical” procedures. Stem Cells and exosome therapies are getting significant attention to treat many serious diseases like COPD, CP, Autoimmune diseases, neurological; disorders, organ failures, sexual wellness, and many more.

Stem Cells can reconstruct the damaged cells or tissues from the root. They help in stabilizing blood flow and improves better cell-to-cell interaction for natural recovery. To date, no options have existed that could truly modify these disease entities with such a safe approach.

R3 Stem Cell has extended its roots in the USA with more than 54 clinics. In context to international programs, R3 is open now in Mexico and Pakistan.
We are proud to claim that we have satisfied our clients and met their goals. With these cutting-edge advanced regenerative therapies. R3’s success stories are numerous and include executives, seniors, students, manual laborers, athletes, and celebrities.

Cyrus Washington is a Top Class Professional Muay Thai fighter and kickboxer with FOUR World Championships and holds 80 wins throughout his career.

He had an Achilles injury while performing daily routine training. His main focus was to get proper and full health. He had Stem Cell Therapy with Dr. Neville Campbell at R3 Stem Cell which turned out to be a very amazing experience for him. According to Cyrus, he feels much better after having this regenerative therapy.

Another success story is about the entertainment industry. Two Flipino singers, Lani Misalucha and Amel Pineda, both got Stem Cell Therapy at R3 Stem Cell’s Center of Excellence in Las Vegas. They got the procedure as an outpatient and showed excellent results.

Whether you or a loved one is an elite athlete, weekend warrior, or simply someone dealing with painful joints, stem cell therapy can help. Call R3 Stem Cell today to set up your free consultation!

Michael.T., Texas, USA clearly explains about a miracle with Stem Cell procedure;
“Hello! All I can say is WOW, Jen’s procedure is already showing tremendous results. She had her traditional cardiologist visit today regarding her pulmonary hypertension (possible Cath Procedure) and all her tests came back in normal ranges. We were both in shock and 12 hours later I am still in a daze. I asked her what her pressure readings were and she said they were at 28-29 mmHg, and today, 13 days after the cells, she is at 18 mmHg. I believe it shocked her doctor and he started asking her about it. It has exceeded my wildest optimism. Thank You!”

Besides this, what if you may get a natural relief from a knee injury or joint damage. David G, Oroville CA explains that he had a stem cell procedure on the knee. And it showed him great results.

“I had it done on my knee and it worked great.”

Last but not the least, Joseph Sena proudly thanks R3 Stem Cell in an amazing way.

“I’m happy to say thank you, R3 Tijuana, 30 million stem cells I feel great.”

That’s what R3 wants is to provide the best, affordable, and result-oriented stem cell therapy to treat several medical problems. So, let's never operate but regenerate with the help of FDA - regulated stem cells at "R3 Stem Cell ". Let Stem Cells build your story.

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