mxHERO Announces General Availability of the Mail2Cloud Business Intelligence Module

mxHERO BI Module

mxHERO BI Module

mxHERO launches Business Intelligence (B.I.) Module giving customers valuable insights into their critical email content

mxHERO will expose valuable B.I. insights within our product’s administrative panel as well as via proactively provided reports for our customers”
— Don Hammons, Chief Customer Officer, mxHERO
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 10, 2021 / -- mxHERO, Inc., creator of the Mail2Cloud digital bridge, which automates the capture of email-based content at-rest and content in-flight by mapping critical enterprise digital content to leading cloud storage solutions (e.g., Box Content Cloud, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Workspace, and Egnyte), today announced the impending General Availability of the Mail2Cloud Business Intelligence Module.

Customers continue to leverage mxHERO’s Mail2Cloud to provide for the auto-capture of bi-directional email-centric content and attachments as part of their overarching digital transformation and content management initiatives. As firms undertake these goals, with Mail2Cloud, they can harness the collective value of that inflight email-based content to accelerate content collaboration and enterprise-wide content compliance, all while reducing their security threat surfaces within active email systems.

Customers have also leveraged mxHERO’s email sync solution suite to copy or move critical email content at-rest from employee email inboxes and archives. Email sync further expands digital content capture capabilities and reduces the cost of maintaining costly and insecure backend email-based archives.

“Customers are realizing that a cohesive enterprise-wide strategy specific to digital content and data is central to their security, compliance, and digital collaboration objectives. While the value of mxHERO continues to be significant for these firms, business intelligence-level insights as to the underlying data and content payload breadth being processed by mxHERO in real-time is also vital for our customers.

With this new release, mxHERO will expose valuable business intelligence insights within our product’s administrative panel as well as via proactively provided reports for our customers. We believe these insights to be critical for CIO and CISO leaders who aim to further exploit the automated capture of their enterprise digital assets while remaining regulatory compliant and secure from security threats. Email is also the number one security threat vector for the enterprises and agencies we serve, and these insights will also be valuable as they prioritize new cyber-security threat surface reductions for their digital assets.” Don Hammons, Chief Customer Officer, mxHERO.

mxHERO’s new B.I. Module will be generally available in March 2021 and available to all existing and new customers who leverage the mxHERO Mail2Cloud solution suite. “At mxHERO, our digital bridge solution is a key micro-service within an enterprise’s application supply chain. For firms with organization-wide content collaboration, compliance, and security objectives, we play a key role in capturing valuable content while ensuring our customers remain secure from cyber-threats. When email or attachments are automatically removed from email systems (inflight and bi-directionally) and replaced with cloud URL links and applicable 2FA/MFA authentication protocols, we help achieve these objectives. When we can do this without end-user software, without changes to fundamental use of email by the users, and when we can deploy our solution against natively supported use-cases in under an hour, it’s simply powerful for our customers. With this new release, we once again innovate around the most ubiquitous I.T. application in the enterprise. Email was never intended to be a viable content system of record or a viable content system of collaboration. With our new release, we’ll be able to provide a broader set of business intelligence insights for our customers.” Alexis Panagides, CEO and Co-Founder mxHERO.

About mxHERO, Inc.
mxHERO is the winner of back-to-back Astors Awards (2019 and 2020) for U.S. Homeland Email Security Applications and a former Box Elite Partner of the Year. The company’s flagship offering, Mail2Cloud, is a cloud service that automates the capture and intelligent routing of email and email attachments to targeted cloud content management platforms, including Box Content Cloud. mxHERO compliments existing security and cloud-solutions by intelligently capturing all emails (both inbound and outbound traffic, from any device type, operating system, or platform) with no end-user intervention or workflow disruption. The company’s digital bridge provides workflow automation, email-based content insights, automation of governance, and retention policies. By auto-extracting sensitive email-based content, the security threat surface for customers is reduced or eliminated. Applications developed for mxHERO’s Mail2Cloud platform work with any email management program, including Gmail, Office 365, and Microsoft Exchange. More than 13,000 companies with over 1,000,000 users have enhanced their email capability with mxHERO’s solutions.

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