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Before Buying a Diamond Online: Helpful Tips You Should Know

Most couples want to design their own diamond ring, but the industry stalwarts offer preset diamond rings. Love Rocks NY just came up with a solution.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 7, 2021 / -- Every love story is unique. The engagement ring is a perfect expression of love and commitment. How would you feel if you have an exquisite ring that expresses your exclusive love? It's a special moment when you pop the question to your partner. How would you feel to make that precious moment unforgettably brilliant? How would you feel if this exclusively crafted engagement ring is delivered right to your doorstep?

Diamonds are expensive, and that's no exception. Ethically sourced diamonds make excellent stones for engagement rings. Responsibly extracted diamonds follow humanitarian practices.

Diamonds found on the riverbed and inside mines are the purest stones. Diamonds undergo various processes after extraction. Even ethically extracted diamonds are at the risk of adulteration at later stages. A consumer should be aware of this before buying diamonds.

Every diamond engagement ring comes with a grading certificate issued by a reputed organization like Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The certificate enlists all the details about the stone. However, the easiest way to examine an engagement ring's purity is through the 4Cs- Clarity, cut, carat, and color.

The best online diamond stores like Love Rocks NY are GIA certified. They'll share all relevant documents outlining the 4Cs on the purchase of diamond engagement rings. However, the cut is the most important C. With a well-cut diamond, the color and clarity imperfections will be less noticeable. Even a less carat well-cut diamond shines brighter higher carat poorly cut diamond.

Most consumers are more concerned about the center diamond than any other aspect of the ring. Yes, the center diamond is important, but the ring style is equally important. The ring style should match your style and personality. It makes a huge difference.

Most reputed diamond retailers with elegant physical stores don't allow their customers to customize the engagement ring. We are one of the best online diamond stores that offer you customized engagement rings with ethically sourced GIA-certified diamonds.

The store's concept was inspired by- "Our inspiration was to put the design and look into your hands. You can design the ring of your dreams, and our experienced artisans and craftsmen will create it."

At this online diamond store, you won't get the same mass-produced and pre-fabricated diamond rings. Your love story is different; it's unique. Then why not your engagement ring?

Their artisans spend hours understanding the client's requirements. Their highly experienced craftsmen create unique and elegant engagement rings, at NYC studio, as per customer preference.

You can use their DYOR ring designer to create your own ring. You can choose the center stone shape, the prong design, band design, and the metal type from their exclusive options.

The process is extremely easy. You need to visit the "design your own ring" page. Choose the shape, head prong, band, and ring metal. Mention the ring size. You can even include a message with your choice of font.

Love knows no boundary. Do you have a similar story? We have curated an exquisite collection of gender-neutral engagement rings, wedding rings, bracelets, and much more for LGBT couples.

Just when you thought things can't get any better.

They've collaborated with OLPC(One-laptop-per-child) program. For every diamond engagement purchase, they provide economic laptops to needy children in developing countries. The aim of OLPC is to empower poor children through education.

Love Rocks NY is very serious about its social responsibility starting from natural diamonds' ethical sourcing to partnering with OLPC.

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