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Gamechanger for Dire Infrastructure in the U.S.: Digital, Cost-Effective Solution Available for Immediate Relief

Industrial IoT company, Ayyeka, launches initiative to aid infrastructure deficiencies taking a toll on quality and costs

NEWARK, NJ, March 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ayyeka currently supports hundreds of utilities across the United States. In response to the American Society of Civil Engineers’ Report Card for America’s Infrastructure, Ayyeka is launching a new campaign to extend its comprehensive digital solution to additional utilities.

The American Society of Civil Engineers’ 2021 Report Card granted American infrastructure the dismal grade of C-, ranking infrastructure between mediocre and poor. This year’s relative improvement stems from preliminary incorporation of “smart infrastructure policy.”

Smart, digital solutions create meaningful improvements at a fraction of the cost.

Aging infrastructure across the United States threatens the quality of critical services. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) noted severe problems. Every two minutes a water main breaks, losing 6 billion gallons of treated water daily. Urban flooding causes $9 billion in damages annually. Overflows from rain storms polluted 13 million acres of lakes and reservoirs, and 600,000 miles of rivers.

Small improvements were attained by deploying innovative water technologies.

Founded in 2011, Ayyeka optimizes the management of critical utilities and infrastructure using smart solutions. This Industrial Internet of Things company provides a comprehensive solution that includes hardware – a data creation edge device called the Wavelet – and software – the Field Assets Intelligence platform – to effectively manage remote assets. The Wavelet attaches to any and all sensors and securely transmits data to the FAI platform. There, data is analyzed so that decision-makers can most efficiently use their resources. The Wavelet also transmits immediate alerts once a critical threshold is reached.

“Resilient solutions using digital tools are the only way forward for aging American infrastructure,” said Ariel Stern, Ayyeka CEO. “The 2021 Infrastructure Report Card emphasizes the urgent need to adopt digital solutions throughout critical infrastructure in the U.S. Ayyeka’s impact in the water, wastewater, stormwater, and energy sectors are profoundly felt wherever adopted. We look forward to working with more utilities to achieve quality results.”

Delaying improvements in critical infrastructure would cost $3,300 per American household by 2039, according to the ASCE.

To help utilities begin their digital journey, Ayyeka launched an unprecedented reduction in startup costs. “It’s an investment in the long-term health and growth of America,” said Stern.

Sara Freedman

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