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Dan Hurt Breaks Down Servant Leadership

Dan Hurt

Dan Hurt

Dan Hurt explains what servant leadership is and how it can help improve the relationship between employees and management

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, USA, March 4, 2021 / -- Dan Hurt on the Essentials of Servant Leadership

At its core, servant leadership focuses on humble leadership techniques that prioritize employee well-being and connection over a top-down, authoritative approach. Dan Hurt took the time to explain how the following tenets are vital to achieving this type of leadership community. 

To be a servant leader, Dan Hurt explains, a boss must recognize the needs of employees. Rather than focusing solely on the work to be done, a servant leader gets to know employees and understands what motivates each one. Getting to know employees and giving each one personal attention is a key to leading people well in the servant leadership model.

Leading employees through respect instead of fear means appealing to employees personally and treating each person individually. Dan Hurt has seen firsthand how employee productivity can skyrocket when they feel understood, respected, and valuable in the workplace. 

Dan Hurt explains that management needs to foster a larger sense of community and one-on-one relationships to create an environment people love to work within. Good bosses work hard to help employees build relationships with each other to feel safe collaborating with peers and asking for help when needed. 

Rather than dictating deadlines and direction, a servant leader will collaborate with employees to make decisions that work for everyone. However, Dan Hurt understands that there are times when collaboration isn't possible, and a decision is handed down without the employee's input. Even then, a servant leader will do his or her best to get employees to buy into the decision and listen to their concerns with genuine interest. Even when employees don't like a decision, they tend to buy when they feel their concerns are heard and understood. 

Commitment to Growth.
When a company is looking at their long-term direction, they often focus only on business goals, like hitting certain growth milestones or realizing a particular profit margin. However, according to Dan Hurt, it's just as important to be committed to the growth of the company's employees. Satisfied employees can see a positive career trajectory, so smart companies foster that growth to satisfy employees and maximize their potential.

The concepts behind servant leadership are simple, Dan Hurt believes. Treat your employees like human beings rather than interchangeable pieces. By following these basic principles, companies can foster greater employee satisfaction and sustained growth for their organization. 

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