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First ever 'Press Challenge' announced by Mokusei Intelligence - a Social Impact Tech Startup

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Mokusei Intelligence is looking for good communicators or storytellers who can articulate its vision and translate its mission to people all around the world.

The world is a school”
— Ashish Bohora
BANGALORE, KARNATAKA, INDIA, March 4, 2021 / -- Social Impact & Education centric Tech Startup Mokusei Intelligence which funds & sponsors up to 100% of education or travel expenses of people is on the lookout for talented communicators for their upcoming projects. To seek out some of the best untapped, undiscovered storytellers out there, Mokusei announced its FIRST ever '$500 Press Challenge'

'$500 Press Challenge' entries are open until 31 May, 2021. Interested individuals can visit to know more.

This challenge is open to all including Journalists, Audio & Video Podcast Hosts, & Bloggers from all over the world. Applicants can be from any country, race, religion, or gender. Mokusei encourages diversity & inclusion. Applicants must visit Mokusei's website - - to study and understand the Mokusei Model based on the information available on the website and internet.

Applicants must then write articles or create media to explain to people what and Mokusei are about based on whatever relevant information they glean and understand from the website. Applicants cannot take any help or cannot seek any support & clarifications from the Mokusei Founder or Team for designing & creating their submission or work.

Mokusei is in search of these communication engineers to get its vision articulated and mission translated for all the amazing humans out there who are aligned with Mokusei's values, ethics, and dreams in spirit and mindset - but just don't know about it yet - probably because they haven't even heard about Mokusei and

The purpose of the '$500 Press Challenge' is to gather work samples from creative souls and 'natural gurus' for exploration & evaluation.

Some of the BEST articles, news stories, feature stories, opinion pieces, audio or video creations, or reports about and Mokusei will get highlighted and showcased on the website. The piece or work or entry submitted by the author or creator can be in text form, video form, or audio form -- essentially in any form or format that the applicant is comfortable with.

Hence, Mokusei strongly recommends and advises all applicants to mention or showcase their own name and contact information in the entries they submit in some form or another. This way, even if the entry or submission of an applicant does not win the challenge, the work, art, and effort of the applicant will get showcased & promoted to a wider audience through and Mokusei, at least.

Applicants can make and submit their art, work, or creation in any language of their choice -- targeted to whatever audience they think is fit and interested in what and Mokusei have to offer. This system will allow Mokusei to better understand the mindset and psychology of the applicant, and it will also bring in a lot more diversity and inclusion in the life and times of Mokusei Intelligence.  

There is no cap or upper limit on the number of entries an applicant can submit. Applicants may choose to submit more than one entry if they so wish.

Applicants can submit entries as individuals or as a Team. Each applicant can be a part of a maximum of 5 Teams at any given point in time. In case the application is submitted as a Team entry, the award will be divided between the Team members equally.  

Applicants need to publish their work or creation online on platforms or accounts of their choice as part of the challenge with the hashtags #mokusei #mokuseiintelligence #theworldisaschool #vallued #aivallued. Once the work is published, a link to the published work must be submitted to within 24 hours of publication.

The Applicant or Team who aces this challenge will receive a compensation of $500 for the work or entry submitted --- and Mokusei will be glad to sign a long-term contract or offer a tenured role to the fabulous souls for some of Mokusei's upcoming projects.

Apart from the TOP $500 Award, the immediate next 5 shortlisted entries will get an award of $100 each. Applicants can submit entries as individuals or as a team. There is no upper limit or cap on the number of entries.

Journalists or Media Persons interested in knowing more about Mokusei's future plans, or who seek exclusive sneak peeks into the UI of the upcoming app, or open to the idea of helping Mokusei out as Consultants, or who want to get to know Mokusei better for any stories, articles, or interviews may reach out to Ashish Bohora, Founder of Mokusei intelligence, directly.

Mokusei is also looking for professionals in journalism and mass communication who have a mindset, ethics & values aligned with those of Mokusei's. The Company is seeking these professionals for some other upcoming projects that are on the anvil. If any journalism and media professional likes the idea/concept behind and Mokusei - and sees promise and potential in this story - they are most welcome to reach out and connect with Ashish. Mokusei would love to hear from them their thoughts, opinions, & feedback about and Mokusei Intelligence.

Journalists or media professionals who formally and officially get their stories, clarifications, and updates from the Mokusei team will not be eligible for Mokusei's '$500 Press Challenge', however, as per rules, guidelines, and policies for the announced Challenge.

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