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LaneAxis Partners with Kairon Labs and LedgerLink to Transform Freight Transportation Via AXIS Token & Blockchain

LaneAxis | Kairon Labs | Ledgerlink Labs

LaneAxis | Kairon Labs | Ledgerlink Labs

Companies fusing expertise in direct transportation and tokenized blockchain solutions to streamline supply chain

LaneAxis is very different to the previous batch of supply-chain projects. Now is the time to capture this market and we firmly believe that LaneAxis will be successful in doing so.”
— Nicolas Ardies, Founder and Principal Consultant | LedgerLink Labs

COSTA MESA, CA, USA, March 3, 2021 / -- LaneAxis, a supply-chain focused technology company, is pleased to announce our partnership with Kairon Labs and its in-house strategic advisory team supported by Ledgerlink Labs. LaneAxis has built the industry-first brokerless Shipper-to-Carrier direct network, and is integrating blockchain technology to fortify and future-proof the platform.

Kairon Labs is a designated market maker and advisory firm based in Belgium. Their team has several years of experience establishing and cultivating markets in the blockchain industry, having built trading software for foreign exchange markets prior to this. Kairon has quickly grown to become one of the top market makers in the world for utility tokens and now enjoys widespread recognition as an industry leader in the field.

With more than 5 years of experience in the space and a background in financial advisory services, Kairon and Ledgerlink will be able to fast track the LaneAxis ecosystem development with deep market insights and with over 100+ integrated exchanges to service a large array of potential situations. Furthermore, they will be the perfect long-term partner that can facilitate integrations wherever needed in the blink of an eye.

Additionally, this deep market knowledge is complemented with the support of Ledgerlink Labs and their designated full stack advisors who have been in the space since 2015. With experience in wealth management, trade finance, fundraising, cryptographic systems security, tokenomics, DeFi implementations and marketing, Ledgerlink Labs provides unparalleled and invaluable strategic advice and execution that captures the current trends without losing sight of the long-term industry use case and revolution that is the LaneAxis value proposition.

What does this Partnership entail?

This partnership is in continuation of LaneAxis’ efforts in the following areas:
1. Build on the utility and investment theses that LaneAxis proposes.
2. Facilitate key partnerships with thought leaders in the blockchain space. Ranging from developers to connect our technology to the appropriate smart-contract framework to appropriate investment vehicles, decentralized launchpads or exchanges to maximize the launch of the token and so much more.
3. Showcasing our expertise in the shipping, freight and trade finance sectors to users, small retail investors, high net worth individuals and crypto investment vehicles to drive appetite for the project.
4. Streamline, create, add on and distribute our narratives through the appropriate channels to enable (re)discovery of LaneAxis in order to drive buy-side liquidity.
5. Assist with fundraising efforts through legacy tools and markets while tapping into the current crypto market cycle to raise alternative funds and distribute a portion of tokens to build a thriving community.
LaneAxis is confident that this collaboration will open up new avenues enabling us to capture the value of the current market cycles while always looking ahead and being the frontrunners of where trade finance as a whole and freight management and shipping specifically are heading.

Nicolas Ardies, Founder and Principal Consultant of Ledgerlink Labs highlighted the significance of the partnership and its promise.

“Trade finance is one of the sectors where blockchain technology could really show its potential,” says Ardies. “We’ve seen many projects come to tackle this industry and as many projects go. LaneAxis is very different to the previous batch of supply-chain projects. They have been hammering away at their solutions diligently for over 6 years and have been very clever in waiting for the adoption of technology to catch up with them, while maintaining their forward striving mentality and building an actual network. We are very aligned in our views that now is the time to capture this market and we firmly believe that LaneAxis will be successful in doing so.”

“The world is in the process of a digital transformation - but for too long trucking has lagged behind the times,” says LaneAxis CEO and Founder Rick Burnett. “For a decade LaneAxis has been researching and developing the removal of added complexities and costs that bog down the Global Supply chain. Freight brokers, freight forwarders, large Third Party Logistics (3PLs) and publicly traded trucking companies have used technology advancements to increase their profits while driving thousands of smaller trucking companies out of business. LaneAxis is the industry's First Brokerless Direct Freight Network, and this partnership greatly accelerates the implementation of our blockchain tokenized ecosystem to optimize data-centric global transportation movements. This is a game-changer and we are very excited for this partnership.”

By using blockchain technology and developing a solid state-of-the-art ecosystem, LaneAxis envisions a brokerless network that provides holistic, forward-thinking solutions to the inefficiency of current supply-chains. The ecosystem will make it possible for shippers, carriers and drivers to interact directly with each other, thus improving the supply chain by making direct contractualization possible as well as enabling the most efficient transportation routes and reducing unloaded mileage by drivers - which in the U.S. amounts to 29 billion miles annually. This all sounds amazing from a shipper-carrier point of view, but eventually the end consumer will also benefit from a more efficient supply chain, which will eventually result in a more transparent, trustworthy and faster way of delivering products.

About LaneAxis: LaneAxis, Inc., is a Delaware C corporation headquartered in Southern California. The company owns a valuable patent focused on a “Shipper-Carrier Interaction Optimization Platform.”

AXIS Token International (ATI) is a separate entity based in the Cayman Islands, solely focused on the blockchain and AXIS Token implementation into the Network Platform.

AXIS Token purchases can now be made directly via the platform’s web portal. For more information, visit - purchases can be made via credit cards, debit cards, ACH wire, and various cryptocurrencies.

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