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Elite Site Optimizer version 3.3 released - Comes with intriguing features - Sitemap Generator, Schema Validator

Elite Site Optimizer - 3.3 Features Infographic

Elite Site Optimizer - 3.3 Features Infographic

eGrove Systems released Elite Site Optimizer version 3.3 with intriguing features sitemap generator, regression checker, schema validator - website optimization

Measurable SEO efforts are not out of sight, rather they are within one's reach when you start giving emphasis to User Experience and not just traffic”
— Krish - CEO, eGrove Systems Corporation

PARLIN, NJ, UNITED STATES, March 3, 2021 / -- eGrove Systems, the homegrown IT Product and Services company that released Elite Site Optimizer amidst much market expectation is releasing the more exciting version 3.3 of the website optimization solution this March. When asked about the latest Elite Site Optimizer release, the Product Head of eGrove Systems said, "My team and I wanted to give every business the opportunity to have an optimized website that helps them survive in the current market. Hence, we have come up with these additional features that help businesses get an edge over their competitors and achieve an exceptional online presence."

ESO 3.3 Release Highlights

Sleek yet Powerful Ranking Interface
The new rank checker interface features a completely rebuilt user interface with charts and Key Performance Indicator insights on keyword performance in search engines. Search Engine Optimization analysts will also be able to analyze the performance of their keywords and understand the drop/gain in their SERP positions. Keyword performance data is available for both mobile and computer searches. The advanced filter helps to view ranking reports based on selective keyword campaigns, search location, and search engines.

Keyword Research
The newly-introduced keyword research feature helps website owners choose the right keywords through intelligent suggestions based on the content of the website. It also gives other metrics like global search volume and difficulty score of each keyword. SEO analysts can now choose the right keywords for their website and improve their SEO campaign strategy.

Webmasters will now find it easy to compare technical issues between their testing environment and production environment and identify any new issues as a result of recent website changes. They can also learn if SEO issues have increased or decreased after a website update, by comparing previous SEO crawl data and focusing on the critical issues that have increased.

XML Sitemap Generator
ESO 3.3 release adds the capability of generating XML, HTML, image, and video sitemaps of websites. Unlike other SEO Audit tools in the market, Elite Site Optimizer enables the crawling of a large number of pages for which sitemaps can be generated. The sitemaps are generated according to and Google Sitemap guidelines.

Schema Validator
The 3.3 release adds the completely new Schema Markup Validator to make life easier for eCommerce companies, publishers, and bloggers. It enables webmasters and SEO analysts to identify and fix markup issues in their web pages, eCommerce product pages, collections pages, business profiles, blog content, recipe content pages, and news. This eliminates the need for manual validation, helps users fix issues faster, and boosts web page visibility in search engines. Unlike the Google webmaster validator tool’s cumbersome process of individually checking pages, it scans the complete website domain, detects all markup content, validates for errors, and gives a consolidated report.

Content Audit
We have met our milestone of adding a multifunctional content auditing tool to simplify and automate the process of improving content quality through spelling, grammar, and formatting suggestions. The readability score test determines how easily the audience is able to comprehend the content on a website. This feature also assesses the performance of web pages for site visitors using Google Analytics and Search Console data integration.

URL Monitoring
4xx error pages on a website will give the user a negative user experience, and makes them more likely to leave the website and go to a competitor's website. Elite Site Optimizer has now enabled scheduled audits for 4xx server errors and broken external links on the website and alerts the webmasters through email notifications.

Introductory Pricing
Elite Site Optimizer’s SEO tools are offered with special introductory pricing for new customers.

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